4.4 stars
(4.4/5) - 106 reviews
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Purchased Course: Mar 2010
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Valuable GMAT Prep Course

4 stars
July 29, 2010
Company: Kaplan 106 reviews
Course: Kaplan GMAT Advantage - On Site
Location: Kaplan - Manhattan International 10 reviews
Teacher: Nirmal Chandraratna
Recommended forVerbal: Yes   Math: Yes
GMAT ScoresBefore: 620   After: 670
My score increased by 50 points and I was pleased with the pace of the class and the help of my instructor. I did a lot of practice tests on their online center, which were helpful, as well as a practice test at a Pearson Center, which was great. Would highly recommend.

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Purchased Course: Feb 2010
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Great Chance to Improve YOUR Score

5 stars
July 29, 2010
Company: Kaplan 106 reviews
Course: Kaplan GMAT Advantage - On Site
Location: Kaplan - Southern California 2 reviews
Teacher: Avi Lidgi
Recommended forVerbal: Yes   Math: Yes
The instructor was great, he answered everyone's question, explained every problem's solution, and the best of all, he provided lots of tips and shortcuts that are really valuable and also necessary to achieve a high score on the GMAT exam.
The course book and materials really focused on the GMAT's core, and they showed many trap answers that are considered "classic" on the GMAT exam. The book started easy, so the student can get use to what concept and testing method the GMAT is focused on, then it will gradually move forward at a steady pace to more advanced questions.
The facility was very comfortable, great lighting, nice chairs and desks, it also provided free water as well.
I would highly recommend this class to those of you who want to improve your GMAT score tremendously. When I took the diagnostic test, I scored 550, after I finished the course and then took the actual exam, I scored 720 and I couldn't be more happy about the result.

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Purchased Course: Nov 2009
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Review on Kaplan Classroom Course

3 stars
July 28, 2010
Company: Kaplan 106 reviews
Course: Kaplan GMAT Advantage - On Site
Location: Kaplan - Austin 2 reviews
Teacher: Tylor Seaman
Recommended forVerbal: Yes   Math: Yes
GMAT ScoresBefore: 520   After: N/A
I went into this class not knowing anything about the GMAT. In that respect, this course helped me tremendously. I would not recommend it to someone who has their own materials and has previously studied already. The tips that I have learned in this course can be found in many other places. I spent about $1,600 on this course and for that amount of money, I do not feel it was THAT MUCH worth it. I think i would have been okay to spend about $800.

If you take the course, focus on retaining the concepts, learning them and understanding them. Do not make the mistake I did where I raced against time just to complete the homework assignments...which later on I realized didn't help me much b/c I didn't really retain anything.

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Purchased Course: Jun 2009
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Good for beginners

5 stars
July 21, 2010
Company: Kaplan 106 reviews
Course: Kaplan GMAT Advantage - Anywhere
Teacher: Do not recall
Recommended forVerbal: Yes   Math: Yes
GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A   After: 720
I started the Kaplan prep course mostly as a way to become organized as I prepared to go back to school, while juggling a full family and work life. My past attempts at just 'buying the book' only ended up with the book collecting dust, along with my guitar :)
The online course was conducted via Adobe Connect - where you can visually see the instructor presenting the material in the corner of your screen. There is also a TA available to answer questions that come up during the course of the lecture.
I felt that the course was paced nicely enough and both the quant and verbal material became just progressively harder to keep it challenging. The instructor had recommended that we really hold off on the full practice tests till after the sessions because it is then that we can truly apply all the knowledge gained rather than doing the full practice tests parallel to the course.
The sample questions were enough to keep me busy and sharp between classes.
The one 'con' of the online course is that it is dictated by the vagaries of the internet connection -which on a couple ocassions was poor due to the number of people on the line perhaps. But nothing terribly debilitating - just minor annoyances like sound lag etc.
When I started to take the full exams - I realized that there were certain areas that could use more 'help' and I went back and did more problems from Kaplan's repository targeting those areas -- and that helped a LOT.

To sum it up - if you are looking for a structured session - but can't always make it into a classroom then this online version is probably your best bet. The instructors share tips which I'd imagine most GMAT instructors do - but for someone starting out new - it was valuable to navigate the test.

I did end up getting a 720 in my GMAT and am now a part time student at Kellogg.

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Purchased Course: Sep 2010
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the teacher was phenomenal, took the time to explain the concepts and ensure they could be applied by all students

5 stars
July 20, 2010
Company: Kaplan 106 reviews
Course: Kaplan GMAT AdvantagePlus - Anywhere
Teacher: Adel Hanesh
Recommended forVerbal: Yes   Math: Yes
I had already taken the gmat, using a variety of gmat prepbooks and the gmac simultion software so I was familiar with some of the tips/tricks and processes to improve my score. The advanced course however was a definite improvement over such preparation.

all the questions in the advanced notebook were hard, ensuring you avoided the easy, self-esteem improving but totally useless basic questions. There was also a quiz bank that you could use to create harder and harder questions in the types you were having the most problem with. The instructor also focused on the difficult questions, explaining the thought process clearly and succcinctly

doing a practice gmat, that actually modifies the questions based on whether you getting them right/wrong every week was a huge benefit. The cats follow a similar algorithm for choosing questions as a gmat, which ensured I was prepared and ready to handle ever increasing difficulty

Probably hands down the single most important factor in my success. Passionate, always responding to questions and maximizing the time we had to ensure the best possible score. can't even begin to highlight some of the accolades my fellow students and me had for this guy. top notch!

Joined: Oct 2009
Purchased Course: Dec 2009

Good for basics - but you can get that for 20$

2 stars
July 20, 2010
Company: Kaplan 106 reviews
Course: Kaplan GMAT Advantage - On Site
Location: Kaplan - Jacksonville 1 review
Teacher: Burt Kagen
Recommended forVerbal: No   Math: No
When I first started Kaplan, I got a 520 on my diagnostic test.

By the first practice test - and I honestly did not go through a lot of material before it - I was up to a 600 (And I believe that Kaplan's CATs do generally tend to be a bit harder). I'm not sure about the scoring algorithm for the diagnostic, but I think it's fair to say it was probably below what I could've actually got.

Kaplan provides you with a TON of resources in your syllabus, which are pretty overwhemling to keep up with at times. But they do contain a lot of good, useful information, but I think that you can get most of it by buying any GMAT book like the Kaplan Premier.

I got a 620 on the actual GMAT, but a lot of it was through what I was able to get done on my own. Yes, Kaplan provided some good materials but there was nothing substantial or spectacular about them that I think is worth the price tag.

To be honest, I feel like I knew more than the instructor at times. He was able to explain every problem because he had the solution manual right in front of him, but if you asked questions that deviated from what could have been written down, he wasn't very helpful. I got many of the quantitative questions right during the class, and at the end he asked ME for help on how to explain some of the problems - and I was the one paying for the course. Before signing up for the course, I would make sure the score that your instructor got and read reviews on their teaching style because I think my instructor has a lot to do with my course dissatisfaction.

Good Things:
- The ultimate practice test is the only reason Kaplan gets two starts instead of one. It was really helpful going to the center ahead of time and taking the practice test in exam conditions. That being said, it's easy to scout your location beforehand, and again, it is not worth the above $1000 price tag.

Overall, I would not personally reccomend Kaplan for anyone looking to achieve a high score on the GMAT. If I could go back in time, I would have probably chosen MGMAT because I have heard wonderful things about their materials and books which I ended up purchasing regardless. Take control of the studying process yourself and buy top notch books rated by others in this forum. If you want anything above a 600, Kaplan is not for you. Do yourself a favor, save yourself about $1000 and spend $200 loading up on books and materials.