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Joined: Oct 2017
Purchased Course: Jun 2017
College: UC Berkeley
Major: History
Industry: Venture Capital
Country: United States
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Effective, organized process with a great outcome

5 stars
October 18, 2017
Company: Stacy Blackman Consulting 3 reviews
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Teacher: Bill Chionis
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I am thrilled that I chose Stacy Blackman consulting for essay strategy and interview prep. What I loved most about the process was how simple and intuitive they made it. Bill was fantastic at helping me craft my essay strategy and build upon each essay question to create a narrative that was cohesive and compelling. He was incredibly responsive and thoughtful about my approach to the application and would highly recommend him to any MBA candidate. His deep expertise with the process and the various schools was evident in our conversations.
Additionally, since he was very familiar with my school of choice (Columbia), I engaged him to help me with interview prep. After our structured practice and mock interview sessions, I felt so comfortable going in to meet with the admissions committee. I am thrilled that I will be attending Columbia next year and would highly recommend Bill and Stacy Blackman for any future candidate.