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I recommend the Economist GMAT tutor for the GMAT math prep

4 stars
March 9, 2017
Company: Economist GMAT Tutor 262 reviews
Course: Economist GMAT Tutor 262 reviews
Recommended forVerbal: No   Math: Yes
GMAT ScoresBefore: 580   After: 650
The Economist GMAT is the best material to beat the quant section of the GMAT. I am an engineer with a strong mathematics background. However my mathematics knowledge is completely different from the one that is needed for the GMAT quant. In fact I've learned how to do calculus steps by steps and prove difficult mathematics theories, but not how to guess , nor to do basic computations in the most effective way and solve problems in 2 mins. Therefore my results on the quant on the very first simulation tests were frustrating. I then decided to take a course to improve my score. I tried the Economist GMAT tutor for 7 days (there is a week free trial ) and noticed at the very first day that it is the application that I needed. The availability of the apps on Android and Windows devices is very useful. I was able to practice in the train while going to work every day...
The course is computer adapative. You will have the questions on the same topic until you ace it. You cannot move to another chapter if you don't do reasonnably well on the previous. The one to one tutor session via skype is really valuable. I was abe to talk to my tutors who gave me precious advice to strenghen my weaknesses , to manage efficiently the time. They even go through my simulation tests and tell me how to do improve my score.
It proposes a really time saving template to write essays.
I found the verbal courses good too but less effective as I am not a native.
I highly recommend the Economist GMAT to learn the technics to solve the quant problems and the essay.

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Would highly recommend - it takes away the burden of managing the process of studying

5 stars
March 1, 2017
Company: Economist GMAT Tutor 262 reviews
Course: Economist GMAT Tutor 262 reviews
Teacher: Jake Wengroff
Recommended forVerbal: Yes   Math: Yes
GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A   After: 720
Whenever anyone mentions they're currently or thinking about studying for the GMAT, I always tell them to check out the Economist GMAT Tutor and at least do the free week trial.

Why I recommend GMAT Tutor to everyone:

1. The adaptive learning component.
This is the main reason I would highly recommend it. When working full time, you’re just so busy you barely have time to study, and don't have time to “manage” the process of studying. I felt like the GMAT Tutor took the load of managing the process of studying off me and enables me to just focus on understanding the content and practicing.

How it does this: GMAT Tutor feeds you learning and practice materials at a pace that is custom to what you do well at. If you rock the geometry stuff, it'll fly you through that section. If you struggle, it'll give you more practice problems there and keep coming back to it over time until you've mastered it. The GMAT itself is an adaptive test, and I really appreciated this component of the GMAT Tutor program. It takes the stress and burden of coming up with your own study plan. All you have to do is log in and press start, and it feeds you what you need.

2. The flexibility of the online sessions.
I could study whenever and wherever I wanted, and select how many minutes I wanted to study. I found a lot of value in doing quant drills without pen/paper on the mobile app when I was in a taxi or wanted a 5 minute break from work. Also, the progress and score projection tracking made it feel like a game--I enjoyed watching my progress % and score projection range go up after every session and it made me excited to study.

3. The Skype tutoring sessions and in-app question feature.
If I came across a piece of content or a practice problem that I struggled with, I could click a button on that box and jot down an email to a real person, who would respond via email within a day or two. The tutors I met with over Skype were also very helpful--having someone explain difficult concepts and work on tough problems with me was valuable. I also appreciated the opportunity to have a handful of practice essays graded and returned with comments.

Compared to other options: While I didn't take an in-person class, I know the cost of a class is typically higher, it's definitely less convenient, and you go at the class pace instead of your own.

I did buy the Manhattan textbooks and did a focused 3-months of GMAT prep with them before switching to GMAT Tutor. I found it very difficult to know what topics on which to focus my study with the books, and felt I wasted a lot of time going through content I didn't need to spend so much time on. Additionally, I felt like my motivation to study had to come from sheer discipline, while it was so much easier to just jump on and press Go on a GMAT Tutor session.

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College: University of Western Ontario
Major: Civil Engineering
Country: Canada
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630 to 710 with Economist GMAT

5 stars
February 11, 2017
Company: Economist GMAT Tutor 262 reviews
Course: Economist GMAT Tutor 262 reviews
Teacher: Self-Directed
Recommended forVerbal: Yes   Math: Yes
GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A   After: 710
I have been using the Economist GMAT Tutor course for the last 3 months and it was remarkably helpful for helping me achieve my goal of scoring 710. This program came highly recommended from a friend of mine who described it as "one of the top 3 purchases of his life".

With a full time job and long workday hours, doing a series of weekend prep courses was not a good option for me. I was looking for a program that I could use in my free time and would let me study for 15 minutes or 4 hours depending on my schedule. I used the 7 day trial (which I recommend anyone should do before considering the purchase) and was hooked.

I was especially impressed with the full explanations provided for every answer in the Verbal section. Those were extremely helpful for understanding the structure of arguments and subtle grammar and style issues in sentence correction questions.

I studied engineering in university, so the majority of the math concepts were familiar to me. However, on some of the GMAT questions, I had trouble solving the questions in the recommended 2 minute window. The big advantage of the Economist program is that it teaches you shortcuts and quick ways to solve tricky problems, and gives you multiple tools to solve the problems. Further, after every question, the program asks you "How long do you think you took to answer the question?" This is especially helpful to get a feel for timing and pacing. You are taught not only how to answer questions correctly, but also to be aware of the big picture and how far off pace you might be.

Some other great features of the program are that you can have multiple one on one skype tutoring sessions with tutors from around the world (I highly recommend Jake Wengroff), you can submit written essays for the AWA portion and get them graded by real people, and you can submit any kind of question through their "Ask a Tutor" feature. The responses you get back are often very detailed and helpful.

Finally, studying with this program is addictive. Just like the real GMAT exam, the program features adaptive algorithms that target your weakest areas and force you to practice those. Once you have completed a certain set of questions, a % complete graph will project a possible range of scores for you. This is addictive because the projected score tends to increase the more you study, so I found that I was always looking forward to the next study session so I could move the projected score up higher and higher. I wrote 6 practice exams with the program, all of which were in the project range; therefore, I believe it was a fair estimate of my abilities.

In total, I spent 75 hours going through about 85% of the course content and practice questions. I wrote 6 sim tests and scored the following:

Format: Score (IR, Quant, Verbal)

630 (3, 42, 36)
660 (6, 48, 34)
660 (3, 51, 31)
710 (5, 46, 43)
710 (6, 50, 38)
730 (6, 50, 41)

I submitted 3 essays for AWA and was graded 5.5, 5.5-6.0, and 5.5-6.0.

On my real GMAT I scored:

710 (8, 49, 37) with a 6.0 on AWA. 91% percentile.

I hope to apply to an MBA program in 2018 and am confident that this score will get me into my first choice school, hopefully with a big scholarship.

Joined: Oct 2015
Purchased Course: Oct 2016
College: California State University, Long Beach
Major: Business
Industry: Consulting
Country: Austria
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Breaking 700

5 stars
January 24, 2017
Company: Economist GMAT Tutor 262 reviews
Course: Economist GMAT Tutor 262 reviews
Recommended forVerbal: Yes   Math: Yes
GMAT ScoresBefore: 610   After: 700
Knowing how helpful (good) reviews are for choosing the “right” GMAT prep tool, I would like to share my recent experience using the Economist GMAT Tutor.

Since I regularly work long hours, the only real option for me was to take a self-paced course. Thus, with three months to go before the test date, I signed up for free trials for both the MGMAT and the Economist GMAT Tutor program. And after only one day, I was 100% sure that the Economist tool was going be “my” tool in getting ready to finally beat the GMAT. Here is why:

As opposed to the MGMAT tool, the Economist tool does not use videos, meaning that you have to read all the content and answer explanations. Moreover, you constantly have to answer both short review questions and actual test questions as you work through the material. If you – like me – are the kind of person who studies late and easily loses focus when watching videos, the Economist tool will certainly work much better for you.

The Economist tool also makes it really easy for you to track your progress as it gives you a lot of detail on the time spent studying, the percentage of completed content and an approximate score estimate. The last two features in particular were a game changer for me because practicing thereby became kind of a computer game.

The algorithm running the Economist prep tool really hones in on your weaknesses and spends much less time on your strengths. For example, I completed 90% of the verbal content in a quarter of the time that it took me to complete 90% of the quant material (note that quant has been my weakness all along). Moreover, you do not need to use material, which makes studying all the more efficient (although I do recommend using the OG for the last two weeks of your prep).

As far as the Economist GMAT tutor’s CATs go, I feel that they are pretty accurate in measuring how you will do on the actual test. My scores after finishing all the content were 720, 670, 700 and 710 and I ended up scoring a 700 on the actual test.
Additionally, the Economist GMAT Tutor offers a score guarantee, meaning that you are guaranteed a 70 point improvement from your base score (which I set at 610 points during my free one-week trial) if you sign up for the 3-month trial. Since my target score was a 680 this was all the more incentive to sign up. After all, if hadn’t reached my target score, I would at least have gotten my money back.

AWA: The AWA templates are really helpful. If you are really weak in writing though, I can see how the templates alone will not do much for you. Definitely use the essay grading feature – the personalized feedback you get on your essays is pretty good.

IR: To me, this is definitely the “weak spot” of the Economist GMAT tutor. For my taste, there are far too little questions in the question bank to allow for a thorough preparation. Moreover, the CATs do not have an on-screen calculator like on the real test.

Quant: The quant sections is amazing! The Economist tool has it all: simple explanations, a huge question bank, and good tutors (you get up to six one-on-one tutoring sessions via Skype) about any topic you choose. Moreover, the algorithm really hammers test taking strategies (e.g. POE, approximations, etc.) into your brain and literally forces you to approach quant problems the way you should.

Verbal: I cannot seriously say much about the helpfulness of the verbal sections as I scored above the 90th percentile from the beginning.

Last but not least, I want to mention how helpful Isaac was as a tutor for my “strategy sessions”. Although my first session with him was a rough awakening (he pretty much told me that much of what I had been doing was ineffective), he completely changed my approach to the test itself. If it wasn’t for him (and his super helpful timing charts) I would have never been able to exceed my target score and get a 700 on the actual test! Thanks!

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Purchased Course: Sep 2016
College: Yale University
Major: Economics
Industry: Sales and Trading
Country: United States
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Strong recommendation for Economist GMAT prep

4 stars
January 22, 2017
Company: Economist GMAT Tutor 262 reviews
Course: Economist GMAT Tutor 262 reviews
Recommended forVerbal: Yes   Math: Yes
GMAT ScoresBefore: 690   After: 750
I first took the GMAT after some studying on on my own at the end of last summer. I thought I was adequately prepared to hit my target score, but walked out of the testing center disappointed. I realized that I needed to attack the exam with a thorough study plan so that I could reach my target.

I first signed up for the 7 day trial of the Economist GMAT tutor and felt that it would be the complete review I needed. I knew that I would have to space my studying out over multiple months, so I had to rework my first study approach. The course is great in that it allows you to work at your own pace and if you can make time to do an hour or two a day over a couple months, you will have worked your way through the majority of the material. I found that the course helped me identify some of the nuances seen in the harder level questions that can be difficult to understand. Also, the way that the course is designed allows you to stay engaged with the material as long as you are going through it consistently. As you make your way through the course, you will notice that the lessons and questions you are seeing are tailored to the areas that you tend to struggle with more. The tutors and support team are also extremely helpful and respond to questions promptly, they definitely want to see you do well and they strive to make themselves as available as possible.

I found that some of the verbal material was substantially harder than what I consider more common in the official GMAT Prep questions, especially the reading comprehension. But you can feel confident that if you are able to get through the Economist material in this section, you will probably do very well on the actual exam. Also, it is difficult to look back at all the material that you have already covered, although you can find brief summaries of each lesson on the home page.

All in all, I highly recommend the course to people who are disciplined with their study time and are able to devote a sufficient time to get through the majority of the course.

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Purchased Course: Oct 2016
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100 point improvement from 640 to 740 in under 3 months

5 stars
January 6, 2017
Company: Economist GMAT Tutor 262 reviews
Course: Economist GMAT Tutor 262 reviews
Teacher: Kasia
Recommended forVerbal: Yes   Math: No
GMAT ScoresBefore: 640   After: 740
I initially sat the GMAT exam with minimal study and scored 640. I quickly realised that I needed to boost my mark in the verbal section of the GMAT which was the weakest component of my score at 33 (69th percentile). Over the following two and a half months I focused on the dreaded sentence correction component of the verbal exam. The Economist GMAT course helped me understand the nuances specific to the GMAT exam, such as the fact that the word 'as' should be followed by a conjugated verb whilst the word 'like' should not.

In addition I also had two 1 hour sessions with the Economist verbal tutor Kasia. Initially I was skeptical of how large a difference a simple 1 hour session could make to my overall score, however my Skype session with Kasia quickly changed my views. During the session she identified several areas I was weak at such as 'Bold' questions in critical reasoning and the conditional rules in sentence correction. She sent me nearly 100 questions with simple explanations specific to my weaknesses to guide my self-study and two highly relevant grammar textbooks along with guidance on which chapters to read. I did all of the questions, reviewed my answers and read the textbooks in detail.

In the exam I scored 44 in the verbal section, which put me in the 98th percentile and lead to an overall score of 740 (97th percentile). I also scored 6/6 in the Analytic Writing Assessment (AWA) and 8/8 in the Integrated Reasoning (IR) section. Consequently I received multiple offers for schools of my choice including one from a business school ranked in the top 5 in the world by the Financial Times and another that offered me a merit scholarship, that discounted my course fees by 50%, saving me thousands of dollars. I highly recommend the Economist's GMAT Course!

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College: Vassar College
Major: Music
Industry: Advertising/Marketing
Country: United States
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Best Product Out There

5 stars
November 17, 2016
Company: Economist GMAT Tutor 262 reviews
Course: Economist GMAT Tutor 262 reviews
Recommended forVerbal: Yes   Math: Yes
GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A   After: 750
I used the GMAT tutor for about 2 months leading up to my test date. Initially, I had picked up a few review books and tried other computerized programs that aimed to simulate the test's feel and layout. They were not helping as much as I wanted. The Economist product held several differentiating features that helped me learn not only the 'tricks' to specific question types, but review some math and verbal concepts that I was rusty on. Specifically, the GMAT Tutor's ability to dynamically walk through various points of explanation, depending on what I was getting wrong most helped to streamline my study. Material that I demonstrated mastery of immediately wasn't shown to me many times - I was able to concentrate on improving more than just going through the motions. The other feature that stood out was the ability to ask specific questions to the Economist staff about material that I wasn't understanding. Focused, personal responses got me father, faster in my my study.

I didn't take advantage of the essay samples, but I can imagine that they would be useful for others. The only improvement that I could possibly suggest is a more modular approach to the content. I had to study math concepts more than verbal, and it would have been nice to jump around between modules at my discretion, especially close to my test date.

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Purchased Course: Jul 2016
College: University of Cape Town
Major: Mechanical Engineering
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Very thorough GMAT preparation with Economist GMAT Tutor

5 stars
November 12, 2016
Company: Economist GMAT Tutor 262 reviews
Course: Economist GMAT Tutor 262 reviews
Teacher: N/A
Recommended forVerbal: Yes   Math: Yes
GMAT ScoresBefore: 620   After: 710
The Economist GMAT Tutor provided me with an extremely thorough preparation for the GMAT. The course helped me to improve my score by 90 points.

Things I liked:
- you can work at your own pace
- featured a graphical indication of your progress through the course
- uses an enjoyable, interactive and adaptive curriculum
- the online tutors always respond to your question within two days
- very much practice based...practice practice practice
- the answer to each practice question is explained thoroughly
- the simulation tests are very comparable to the real GMAT
- I found the explanation of mathematical and verbal concepts very easy to follow
- the estimated score prediction is accurate
- the mobile app is great for studying when you are away from your computer

Things I disliked
- the course is very expensive, but you get what you pay for
- I could not finish 100% of the course in time. If you are working full time you will need 3 full months, putting in about 2- 3 hours each evening and at least 8 hours during each weekend. I had a few weeks where I wasn't able to work. Overall I completed about 67% of the course in 3.5 months (86% of the quant (62 hours of work) and around 51% verbal (14 hours), plus 6 simulation exams). I also did some practice exams with the official software.

Overall the prep was very thorough and I fully recommend spending the money.

Joined: May 2016
Purchased Course: Aug 2016
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The Economist offers a targeted GMAT study course

5 stars
November 4, 2016
Company: Economist GMAT Tutor 262 reviews
Course: Economist GMAT Tutor 262 reviews
Recommended forVerbal: Yes   Math: Yes
GMAT ScoresBefore: 650   After: 740
Let me describe my experience with this GMAT study program. After unsuccessfully trying to break the 700 level on my first exam in June 2016, I went on a studying hiatus. Two months later in August 2016, I signed up for this GMAT course due to its score guarantee.

The advantages of this course are:

1) The verbal, quant, AWA course materials resemble those on the actual exam.
2) In my case, the simulation test scores closely reflected the scores that I was getting on the official GMAC software (I purchased an exam pack).
3) There are more than enough practice questions for the student to work on.
4) Most of all, it walks you through the studying process so you know which skills to target. This was a real advantage for me because I was able to focus on the essentials and avoided taking in extra information.

In my opinion, this course can improve in several areas:
1) The practice questions are great, but sometimes the same types of questions show up more often than optimal, even if I was able to answer them with high accuracy.
2) It seems that the the system recommends practice questions based at least partly on the results of the simulation tests that the user took. On one of the practice exams my internet disconnected, leaving me with a significantly lower score than what I normally received. This then impacted the types of questions I got.

Overall, I made the right decision choosing this GMAT course. I had tried both the Kaplan and Manhattan materials before stumbling across the GMAT tutor and can say that this course put me into the 700's. However, do expect to put in over 100 hours overall because there is a lot of material.

Joined: Nov 2016
Purchased Course: Jul 2016
Major: Psychology
Country: Canada
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Do not recommend - Quant is good, verbal is terrible

2 stars
November 3, 2016
Company: Economist GMAT Tutor 262 reviews
Course: Economist GMAT Tutor 262 reviews
Recommended forVerbal: No   Math: Yes
GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A   After: 650
I decided to go with the Economist after reviewing several courses. Their quant section is good - lots of practice questions, good coverage of content and solid strategies around problem solving. However, I was very disappointed with their verbal section. The sentence correction content and practice questions are not even close to what is tested in the GMAT. The Economist ignores general readability errors and logical errors which are extensively tested in the exam, dangling and missing modifier type questions are not given as much importance and are introduced much later in the course, again concepts that are extensively tested in the exam. Moreover, lot of attention is placed on concepts that aren't really tested in the exam. The verbal comprehension practice questions are vague and don't make sense a lot of times. The critical reasoning practice questions aren't nearly as challenging as the ones you get on the exam, especially once you are past the 80th percentile. My baseline score for verbal was 70th percentile, however after 3 months of intense study and finishing about 90% of the course, my verbal score only went upto 76th percentile in the actual exam. Since I was stronger in verbal, my plan was to get a really high verbal score to balance my overall score. I ended up with a 650 in the exam which is a lot lower than I wanted. I highly recommend that regardless of which company you decide to go with, practice the questions in the official GMAT guide to get a real flavor for types of questions tested in the exam.

Some other cons - you are unable to pick topics that you might want to practice - the software decides what kind of problems and the topics you get. I also personally found it impossible to finish the course in 3 months as once you complete 80% of the course, the program goes into maintenance mode where a high a number of problems are repeated and the progress is slow. They charge you 200$ to extend the program for a month.

Overall I don't recommend going with the Economist as although their quant section is pretty good, you can't buy quant and verbal separately (which some companies offer) and the whole package just isn't worth it.