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August 13, 2015
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I chose EMPOWERgmat because it seemed like one of the more affordable options. I have studied for other standardized test, and, from my personal study style, I knew that I needed 1) structure, 2) personalized action, and 3) a variety of resources that wouldn't break the bank. I only had four weeks to study for the exam. I started my study with a high diagnostic exam (670). I scored a 720 on test day, just 4 weeks later (while working 50+ hours a week at my job). EMPOWERgmat was the perfect resource.

EMPOWERgmat does not work on its own, but instead supplements some of the best print resources, including the Official Guide to the GMAT. Through its expert teachers and course managers, EMPOWERgmat organizes and explains the test's concepts in bite-sized chunks. After completing each problem, GMAT experts walk you through the solution. The difference between other test prep resources and EMPOWERgmat is that EMPOWERgmat teachers offer the tricks and shortcuts that can only be taught after extensive study of the test; these teachers know this test and all of its quirks, and they want to share this knowledge with you. While these tricks are not problem specific, the tricks are broad enough to apply to multiple types of problems, and the teachers suggest which problems to use which tricks. You will have plenty of time to practice using (or not using) the tricks to solve the most complicated problem.

One of my few criticisms is the lack of Computer Adaptive Tests ("CATs") built into the resource. EMPOWERgmat teaches many useful techniques and tools that you want to apply right away. No practice is as good as a CAT, and it was slightly discouraging to have to find other resources with CATs. Luckily, these tests are easy to acquire (www.mba.com offers two free CATs) and they are cheap. Even with the price of EMPOWERgmat and buying multiple CATs, the costs were minimal, especially compared with better known test prep resources.

Overall, I would recommend EMPOWERgmat for its flexibility (you can study in the perfect bite-sized chunks), personalized study (EMPOWERgmat has some of the best customer service, and their interface and program allows maximized customization for study), and the strong techniques (particularly quantitative) for mastering and excelling at the test. Thanks, EMPOWERgmat!