Kaplan GMAT Prep - Self-Paced

Kaplan GMAT Prep - Self-Paced

4.3 stars
(4.3/5) - 3 reviews
Joined: May 2017
Purchased Course: May 2017
College: Ryerson University
Major: Political Science
Country: Canada
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Best Question Bank. Mediocre Lessons

3 stars
June 16, 2017
Company: Kaplan 111 reviews
Course: Kaplan GMAT Prep - Self-Paced 3 reviews
Teacher: Self paced - no teacher
Recommended forVerbal: No   Math: No
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1) Video lessons: I like this course because it provides general overview of concepts and the live sessions go in some detail for the harder questions. So I use it as an intro to concepts. But for the most part, the lessons on the actual prep site aren't very thorough. If I really want to learn details, I go to Magoosh, Manhattanprep books or Gmatprepnow.

2) Question Bank: Probably the best question bank. It has 3000 questions. And they're in the form of a question bank (which is what I prefer) No issues here. This is the main use I get out of the course. (But you can also buy the question bank for much cheaper separately... although I think there are less questions. But still about 1500. Which is great)

3) Math foundations - I originally bought math foundation with these guys and asked for a refund. It's VERY basic and it cost 200. Not worth it at all. It doesn't prepare you nearly well enough. The math foundations book from Manhattan prep was the most useful tool for me in preparing for the actual GMAT studying.

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Purchased Course: Apr 2016
College: Brigham Young University
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Great Preparation, and well worth the price!

5 stars
December 1, 2016
Company: Kaplan 111 reviews
Course: Kaplan GMAT Prep - Self-Paced 3 reviews
Recommended forVerbal: Yes   Math: Yes
GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A   After: 730
I did the self-paced, online Kaplan GMAT prep. I only had 4 weeks to study before taking it, so I had to do the self-paced version and work on it on my own. I completed the entire course in 4 weeks, took 8 of the 9 available practice exams, including the on-site practice exam. I studied for 8-10 hours every day. It may not have been the ideal way to study for the GMAT (in such a condensed time frame), but Kaplan's course made it so easy. I loved the structure of the course. It gives you the liberty to follow an established plan if you don't know what to do, and allows you to do your own thing if you think something works better for you. Kaplan obviously are professionals, and it it shows in their coursework. The question bank is amazing, and the number of computer-adaptive practice exams is the most important tool to success. I have had many friends contact me after hearing that I took the GMAT, and I strongly recommend Kaplan to every one of them. I had a hard time paying that much money for a prep course, but it was well worth it in the end. Your future may depend on your GMAT score, so don't be afraid to invest.

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Purchased Course: Feb 2016
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worth the money for serious test takers

5 stars
October 8, 2016
Company: Kaplan 111 reviews
Course: Kaplan GMAT Prep - Self-Paced 3 reviews
Teacher: n/a
Recommended forVerbal: Yes   Math: Yes
GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A   After: 710
I was pleased with the course…my score improved by 120 points from start to finish. It's quite pricey, but worth it if you plan on putting the hours in. There's a decent amount of instruction and practice.

The self-paced course was a good option, especially if you are working full time.