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Kaplan GMAT Private Tutoring

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College: college of Charleston
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Extremely Dissatisfied, Should Have Saved My Money

2 stars
October 14, 2010
Company: Kaplan 111 reviews
Course: Kaplan GMAT Private Tutoring 3 reviews
Location: Kaplan - Charleston 1 review
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Recommended forVerbal: No   Math: No
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After spending three months studying through the Manhattan GMAT books and Official Guide, as well as taking numerous tests, I took the GMAT and was not happy with my grade. I set my date to retake the test and decided to get serious with the studying so I could beat this test the second time around.

After reading tons of reviews and evaluating my options (Mgmat, Veritas, PowerScore), I finally decided to go with Kaplan...which turned out to be one of the worst decisions I have ever made, not to mention a waste of $2200. Bottom line, I was essentially forced into doing a private tutoring package because there were no classes for months and came to find that there are no tutors available, and cannot be refunded. Instead Kaplan assigned me to an online tutor: who I have not heard from in weeks and has not returned my emails or answered my calls.

With that being said, here are my Pro's and Con's for this company:

-Their methods are really comprehensive (even better than Mgmat) and they do a good job explaining them in the live online segment of the site
- The student interface is attractive and keeps track of your progress (so does Manhattan GMAT)
- You can go back and review things you got wrong virtually anytime
-You can take practice tests at Pearson

-HOW THEY TREAT YOU AS A CUSTOMER. This has plain and simple been one of the worst customer experiences I have ever recieved. Simply put, if you're going to pay this much for a service, you would at least expect to be treated with respect and understanding. I could not be more dissatisfied here.
-Lack of available space in classes and with tutors.
-Slow turnaround time for requests and complaints from both the center and tutors- from the number of times I have tried to get in touch with local representitives, I have been neglected and felt optionless
- The practice test interface often freezes and I have to re-start the test to get back to that question

Summing this up, unless you can verify that their course has space for you, don't waste your money. I couldn't stress this enough, this has been a nightmare for me, and a month into the course my "online" tutor has yet to make even our first meeting, nor will Kaplan refund my course.

***Note from Kaplan GMAT***

Morgan – once again, thanks for bringing the situation to our attention. We’re sorry you had a less-than-stellar experience with your enrollment; you shouldn’t have had these issues. We take our customers very seriously, and we’ll use your experience as way to improve our processes. In the meantime, we’re happy that we get a chance to make things right – and we are committed to helping you achieve and exceed your GMAT goal in December. Good luck! We look forward to hearing your feedback following your course and a successful test day.

Thanks again,

Andrew Mitchell
Assistant Director, GMAT
Kaplan Test Prep

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College: University of Minnesota

With a family and full-time work this helped me focus on preparation.

4 stars
August 30, 2010
Company: Kaplan 111 reviews
Course: Kaplan GMAT Private Tutoring 3 reviews
Location: Kaplan - Minneapolis/St. Paul 3 reviews
Recommended forVerbal: Yes   Math: Yes
GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A   After: 550
With a family and full-time work William helped me focus on getting ready to take the GMAT. He was very flexible in meeting me at times that worked for my family and I.

Joined: Aug 2010
Purchased Course: Apr 2010
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Private Tutor Review

4 stars
August 21, 2010
Company: Kaplan 111 reviews
Course: Kaplan GMAT Private Tutoring 3 reviews
Location: Kaplan - FIU North 1 review
Teacher: P. McNair
Recommended forVerbal: No   Math: Yes
GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A   After: N/A
Nothing can compare to the one- on - one attention that a private tutor can give a student. Having a private tutor was extremely helpful in preparing for the GMAT exam. The tutor was a tremendous resource in preparing me for the math section of the exam. My tutor was able to answer all my questions, and provided feedback on the progress I was making with practice questions. The one drawback of having a private tutor is of course, the high price. The sessions go by quickly and the student must complete most of the work on their own. Overall, a private tutor is a luxury, its nice to brush up the material the student feels uncomfortable with and improve on their weaknesses.