Manhattan Prep 9-Session Accelerated Course

Manhattan Prep 9-Session Accelerated Course

5 stars
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Joined: Aug 2010

This class made studying for the GMAT as simple as possible and helped me reach beyond the score I needed to be selected by my first choice school.

5 stars
August 10, 2010
Company: Manhattan Prep 420 reviews
Course: Manhattan Prep 9-Session Accelerated Course 1 review
Location: Manhattan GMAT - West LA 6 reviews
Teacher: Dan Patinkin
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Since the first day of class, our instructor made me feel comfortable and confident about taking the test. He has been extremely helpful over the past 9 weeks and because of that I will get a grade way beyond what I expected before entering the class. This class helped turn my weaknesses into strengths while also taking my strengths into a higher level. Basically without Manhattan GMAT I would not have reached the grade I needed to get into the business school of my choice.