Manhattan Prep Foundations of Math Live Online Workshop

Manhattan Prep Foundations of Math Live Online Workshop

4.5 stars
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Joined: Jun 2017
Purchased Course: Mar 2017
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Manhattan prep is the platform which can boost the morale of the test taker.

5 stars
June 13, 2017
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The approach used here is better than that of others courses,Moreover they don't give you tricks to solve the questions but they build your concepts to solve the questions.

Joined: Apr 2012
Purchased Course: May 2012
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If you're rusty start here!

4 stars
July 25, 2012
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I haven't taken a math class since 2006, and math has never been my favorite. When I started with Number Properties, I was completely overwhelmed. I signed up in May of 2012, and for $95 received FoM I and II as well as the book.

The courses last 3 hours each, and are very interactive. FoM I was really good. It covered things like turning words into math, isolating variables and combining equation. I had Whitney Garner, and she is great. Not boring and very easy to follow.
FoM II wasn't as good. All I can remember is briefly going over geometry principles.
Can't remember who the teacher was either.

The book covers way more content than the course, but it's good to have for reference and practice questions. If you're not getting FoM II for free, don't spend the extra cash.

I highly recommend FoM I and Whitney Garner!