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Joined: Nov 11, 2012
Purchased Course: Aug 1, 2013
College: Louisiana State University
Major: Fashion
Industry: Retailing/Wholesaling
Country: United States
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Excellent Course. So Worth It. Great Instruction.

November 11, 2012
  • Teacher: Terry Stehlik
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: N/A

I took this course thinking that it would be a great refresher before I took the GMAT. But after I took the first practice test before the class, I realized I had no clue what I was doing. I'm so thankful that I took the class because I clearly needed help.

I took the classroom course because I knew I would need something to keep me on task and actually force me to sit down and study. I'm not sure I could have accomplished all that I did without the classroom environment.

Mr. Stehlik taught from a very knowledgable standpoint, and was able to effectively teach the strategies. I have gained immense confidence in my abilities to tackle this difficult test because of my instruction during the course.

I would highly recommend taking this course. If you complete the homework, take the practice tests, and stay attentive in class, you will most certainly benefit from the course. My score definitely increased as a direct result of this course, I have no doubt.
Joined: Jul 24, 2012
Purchased Course: Mar 22, 2013
College: UCSB
Major: Philosophy
Country: United States
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Purposeful Prep

July 24, 2012
  • Teacher: Becky Robinson
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: 620

Becky's style of teaching is a highly effective as she covers most every topic and question you might encounter on the GMAT. She manages to quickly understand and assess you as a student to help give the support that is needed to help you achieve and succeed. Her methodical approach to the GMAT allowed me to keep focused and driven during studying. She is patient and wise with tons of little tips that help you go far. Her outstanding knowledge, friendly demeanor, and understanding of the GMAT all combine to give you the best possible prep available.

She is highly effective at not only gearing you with the right tools, but the ability to use them effectively during the test. She gives you helpful hints that steer you clear of trap answers.

As far as the quality of the curriculum and study materials that were given, I was pleasantly surprised at the course provided. They contain everything that is gone over in class with extra material for after class studying.

The facility and classroom was comfortable and easy to find once I knew where to go.

As far as improvement in my GMAT score, I went from a 450 to a 620 (during the actual GMAT), which was my best score. This was accredited to Becky's teaching and influence, which allowed me to make a solid jump in score.
Joined: Jul 6, 2012
Purchased Course: Dec 7, 2013
Major: Engineering
Country: India
Verified Real Student Review

Brilliant experience at TPR

July 6, 2012
  • Teacher: Merrily Tobin, Rohit Maiya, Vikram Vishwanathan
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: 730

Having come into Princeton Review with no clue about the GMAT but for the usual version read online, it was great to end up with a score of 730 (Q 50 + V 39) along with a 6.0 in AWA.
A preliminary mock test gave me a score of 620 with Verbal at a meager score of 23. From here, thanks to the excellent guidance by Merrily and Vikram as well the good material provided by Princeton Review, this score rose up by 16 points!
When I chose to take up the GMAT course, I knew that Quant would be fairly simple and would be a breeze considering that my skills with Mathematics were quite good. This was not really the case as a knowledge of mathematics does not mean you can crack the GMAT. Very useful tips from Rohit helped me score 50 in Quant.
AWA saw the best improvement, by far. From writing essays that could get no more than 3, I received a perfect score of 6 on the GMAT. This would not have been possible without Vikram's extremely good guidance.
Overall, Princeton Review was a great experience for me, from the books to the faculty and I would definitely recommend the same for anyone who wants to crack the GMAT.
Joined: Jul 4, 2012
Purchased Course: Nov 5, 2013
College: Swansea University, UK
Major: Marketing
Industry: Advertising/Marketing
Country: India
Verified Real Student Review

Thanks, TPR!!

July 4, 2012
  • Teacher: Deepti, Harsha, Merrily
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: 710

I initially enrolled at TPR with the idea that having someone to whom I was answerable - would make me more focused towards my GMAT preparation.
If I remember correctly, my diagnostic GMAT score was 550.
I thought hard work would be enough to get me past 700, but I was wrong.
Immense credit goes to the teachers at TPR who guided me and helped me with issues that were unique to my style. Their guidance was useful, not only for GMAT prep, but also for understanding the nuances of the application process.
I especially found the "booster sessions" provided, very useful as these helped me identify the flaws in my process of approaching and understanding questions.
But more than their technical inputs, the confidence and encouragement that my trainers infused me with helped a great deal.
I still remember my trainer saying that he was willing to pay for my 2nd attempt at the GMAT, after I scored 710 - saying that it was under representative of my abilities.
Their faith in my ability, and their nurturing of the same - is what made my experience with TPR truly memorable.
Really do owe TPR one for this!
Joined: Apr 30, 2011
Purchased Course: May 7, 2013
College: Christ College
Major: Computer and Information Sciences
Industry: Computer-related Services
Country: India
Verified Real Student Review

Princeton Review - A game changer!

July 1, 2012
  • Teacher: Merrily Tobin, Rohit Maiya and Vikram V
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: 730


Like any other 5-6 year IT professional I wanted to do my MBA but little did I know that it is a war-field in itself with the first hurdle being the GMAT. Attempting to give my GMAT without the help of any tutorial I tried my hand at a mock test.

When I took the pre-GMAT mock test I scored a 430. Disappointed and worried, I realized a need for a helping hand & was desperately in the look-out for a quality GMAT prep tutorial. I then found out about Princeton Review based out of Bangalore and got myself admitted there.

I have to say that this decision of mine definitely accelerated my GMAT prep process. The trainers at the tutorial are not only well-equipped to train the students but are also very friendly and helpful. The best part of the course are their booster sessions where every deserving student gets a chance to review his or her strengths and weaknesses with a master trainer for Verbal and Quant in one-to-one sessions. These sessions are definitely a 'booster' to your prep process in its true sense.

On completing the course with Princeton and taking offline help sessions from Merrily, Rohit and Vikram I managed to score a 730 in my GMAT. Yes, this definitely seems like an achievement to me to move from 430 to 730 and the trainers at Princeton deserve a major credit in this endeavor of mine.

The top strengths of the tutorial are

1.) Its course structure
2.) Their lab and library facilities
3.) Their prep-material and practice tests
4.) Above all their trainers, each of whom I have interacted with are friendly, approachable and 'they know their job'

I have also been a part of their ACS services and I can vouch these are top-notch as well.

Finally, if you are a candidate who is busy with work but still wants to do well in his or her GMAT then Princeton is the place to go to!

All the best..

Have fun!
Joined: Jul 1, 2012
Purchased Course: Sep 4, 2013
Verified Real Student Review

Choosing Princeton Review Was The Right Decision

July 1, 2012
  • Teacher: Rohit Maiya, Deepti Amroise
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: 760

I'm really glad I joined Princeton Review's course in Bangalore (India), and I credit them with playing a central role in my scoring a 760 in the GMAT.

While I had some degree of confidence in my grasp of Quantitative and Verbal fundamentals, I also knew that the GMAT wouldn't be easy and that many capable students regularly failed to cross the 700 mark. Not satisfied with the notion of self-preparation, I wanted a level of preparation that would guarantee me a good score and I felt I could really do with classroom sessions.

My instructors at Princeton Review, Deepti and Rohit followed a grounded, no-nonsense approach and had us completely focused on what was truly needed. The 5 computer adaptive tests they insisted upon helped gauge our improvements at regular intervals.

I also commend Princeton Review for their willingness to adjust class schedules,
for students' inability to attend a scheduled class . The classes were comfortably paced, yet intensive and I enthusiastically recommend them for any prospective GMAT takers in Bangalore.

Whether you want to sharpen your advanced skills, or begin your GMAT journey, joining Princeton Review is likely to be one of the smartest decisions you'll make with regard to your preparation.
Joined: Jun 29, 2012
Purchased Course: Nov 6, 2013
Country: India
Verified Real Student Review

Princeton is the best. No doubt about it. I believe a 770 score speaks for itself...

June 29, 2012
  • Teacher: Merrily, Rohit
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: 770

Princeton Review was perfect for me. I realize now that there is no way I could have crossed a 700 score studying by myself. My teachers were great in terms of the support which they extended to me (and still are extending to me...) and classes were fun (can't believe I'm actually saying that).

Their approach for worked like a charm and they had booster sessions to help me work on my weak areas. Another great thing about is that it provided so much material to study from.

Overall, if I had to do it all over again, there is nothing that I would do differently... And that, I think is the best compliment that I can give to the Princeton review.
Joined: Jun 26, 2012
Purchased Course: Jan 3, 2013
College: Hyderabad
Major: Marketing
Industry: Sales and Trading
Country: India
Verified Real Student Review

Princeton Review helped a lot for my prep

June 26, 2012
  • Teacher: merrily tobin
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: 650 After: 740

Princeton Review had been very supportive to me during my GMAT preparation. I always stumbled upon Verbal section and that is where I learnt the most in PR. My tutor was very helpful and she always took extra efforts in clarifying my doubts.

Moreover, the preparation material provided by them also helped me a lot. I would recommend PR to everyone.

Let me know if someone wants a specific feedback about PR. Please feel free to mail me on shyamberiwal@yahoo.com
Joined: Jun 25, 2012
Purchased Course: Nov 6, 2013
College: BMSIT
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Country: India
Verified Real Student Review

Brilliant work

June 25, 2012
  • Teacher: Merrilyn
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: 650

When i started out studying for the GMAT, i was really confused. I had no clue of what had to be done and hence as a result i turned to Princeton Review.

The course is brilliant and there is nothing that you have to be worried about. All the aspects of quant and Verbal are covered to the fullest.

The best part apart from the coaching is the online material that one gets to study which comprises of lessons and 5 Gmat preps. These preps provide a real Gmat like feeling and if done properly will have the most benefit on any student. The review of the test with teachers helps you to improve on the your weakness.

If you do score more that a 600 in any of your preps you are eligible for the boosters with a specialized Verbal and a Quant teacher which will help you fine tune.

In all i think its a perfect blend of teaching and material and princeton review has stuck a perfect balance when it comes to getting results from students.
Joined: Jun 24, 2012
Purchased Course: Jan 22, 2013
College: Bangalore
Major: Finance
Industry: Consulting
Country: India
Verified Real Student Review

Amazing Course

June 25, 2012
  • Teacher: Rohit Maiya,Merrily Tobin, Deepti Ambroise
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: 710

I had an amazing experience at Princeton Review, their course material was of high quality, concise and easy to understand. Their teachers were very competent especially Mr Rohit Maiya and Ms Merrily Tobin. The added advantage to this course was the one on one tutoring the offer you at the end of the regular course , that is if you score above 600 in any of their mock test you are eligible for unlimited one on one sessions with advanced tutors. This firstly makes you strive harder during the regular course and post that really sharpens your skills before you attempt the GMAT, I would give a large part of the credit for my 700+ score to these one on one sessions and also the ability, skill and 24/7 availability of my tutors.
Joined: Apr 30, 2012
Purchased Course: Feb 3, 2013
College: Cornell University
Major: Mathematics
Industry: Consulting
Country: United States
Verified Real Student Review

Great experience with Princeton Review!

April 30, 2012
  • Teacher: Daniel Kobza
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: 760

I was very pleased with both the Princeton Review classroom course as well as my resulting GMAT score. It was absolutely worth the money.

I think you really get out of the course what you put into it. I did all the recommended and supplementary work the Princeton Review suggested (which amounts to a lot of time dedicated to studying). It not only really focussed my studying, but gave me ample practice in different kinds of problems. The facilities and teacher were great and really professional as well.

I signed up to take a KAPLAN course originally, but twice the courses I signed up for were cancelled due to less that 10 students signing up for them. There were only 4 students in my Princeton Review class! I'm so glad I took this review course and think it had a lot to do with the great success I had on the actual exam.
Joined: Apr 17, 2012
Purchased Course: Nov 22, 2013
College: Younstown State University
Major: Chemical Engineering
Industry: Other Manufacturing
Country: United States
Verified Real Student Review

Final Score Counts-- well worth the time and money

April 17, 2012
  • Teacher: Stefan Maisnier
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: 450 After: 650

I was pleasantly surprised by my GMAT score increase of 200 points. Studied on my own for the first test and didn't receive a high score. Was reluctant to take the course due to the expense of it, but I was determined to raise my score in order to be considered as a good candidate for my MBA applications. In the end I spent the money and I was glad I did!! The instructor drove home the skills needed to determine the best method in taking a timed test and to ensure the students could determine the best answer. The study material was abundant and relevant to test day. The student must put the time in to complete the work but the instructor was great at making sure time was spent where the student would receive the most bang for their buck and effort.
Joined: Jan 5, 2011
Purchased Course: Jan 6, 2013
College: UCSD
Major: International Relations
Country: United States
Verified Real Student Review

Wonderful Tricks and Tips

August 10, 2011
  • Teacher: Jake
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: 710

I am extremely happy with my class from Princeton Review.

First of all, the teacher had been working there for 15 years and was
qualified to teach the LSAT, GMAT and SATs. I believe his expertise and
depth of knowledge (especially from the LSAT) made a lot of difference
because it allowed him to bring in other points of view and examples that
a straight GMAT professor might not know. In addition, LSAT has harder
verbal questions that Jake was able to use as examples, making the GMAT
less complicated and made discerning patterns easier.

Second, the class met for 3 hours a week, with homework and pre-work
assigned every week. It was extremely helpful for me to help develop a
study pattern and habit specifically around the GMAT. We also had several
full length CAT exams scheduled that gave me a good idea how I was
progressing and what areas I struggled with in a timed environment (which
were different than what I thought when I was practicing).

Finally, Princeton Review knows all the tricks. They have a lot of insight
into the exam and how to beat it. These little tricks and hints (about
timing, ways to approach problems, etc) were essential to my success at
the end of the day. In addition, they give two books with your
registration fees, one is the official guide published by GMAC (used for
homework problems only) and one written by the Princeton Review that gives
more practice problems and hints in detail. They also target the homework
based on what your pre-test score was so you don't spend any time doing
problems that are too easy or too hard for you. AND they have a guarantee
- not happy with your score, retake the class, no questions asked. I
didn't need to do it again, but it was really nice to have that safety

Take this class, you won't regret it.
Joined: Aug 18, 2010
Purchased Course: Jul 7, 2013
Verified Real Student Review

Little extra help from Sean changed everything!!!

July 20, 2011
  • Teacher: Sean Nolan
  • Recommended forVerbal: No  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: 580 After: 700

My turn around thanks to Sean:

The start = I took Princeton Review Classroom course with practice test range = 580 - 650. But when I took the real test upon completion, I *flipped out* in the room, scoring a record low (lower than my first baseline exam) at 510.

After crying, I called Princeton Review back and explained my situation. In lieu of the money back guarantee, we worked out a deal for three 30 min sessions with Sean.

That's where the magic happened... Within the first 30 minutes, he identified my issue. During the days after, I simply focused on the identified issue. By the next test, I was up to 690. Then I met with him again, we further refined my technique. Next practice test = highest ever at 710. For the third 30 minutes, we really only talked about how I will attack the test. Not even doing problems, just theorizing and getting mentally ready. The last practice test I took was 730.

On the day of the test, I was a different breed of test taker - calm, collected, and confident. With my score of 700, I got interviews at all of the schools where I applied.

I 100% recommend Sean even just for a single 30 minute session. Group sessions are great to learn the material, but if you already know your stuff but really want to improve your score - turn to Sean! I will be worth every penny.
Joined: Jul 20, 2011
Purchased Course: Oct 19, 2013
Major: Mathematics
Country: United States
Verified Real Student Review

Great Course for the Independent Student

July 20, 2011
  • Teacher:
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: 720

Having finished at my undergraduate school about a year and a half before deciding to take the GMATs, I knew I needed to take some sort of course to get started. I chose the Princeton Review Online GMAT course mainly because of the flexibility it provided. My work schedule varies day to day so it was great being able to work on the class whenever fit into my schedule.

The online Princeton Review interface was extremely straightforward and easy to use. I never had any sort of technical or computer problems. As for the course material itself, Princeton Review did a great job of creating a logical progression through the material you would find on the GMAT. They provided useful test taking tips as well as detailed examples of typical GMAT questions.

Another great aspect of the online course was the ability to take example GMAT exams. It was great to be able to practice while using the same format and time limits that would be found on the actual exam. The course also came with a great study guide book filled with even more practice exams and questions.

I would highly recommend this course for anyone looking to take the GMAT!
Joined: Sep 29, 2010
Purchased Course: Jun 28, 2013
College: UC Santa Cruz
Major: Management/Business Administration
Industry: Other Non-Profit
Country: United States
Verified Real Student Review

Great Online Resources

September 29, 2010
  • Teacher: Rebecca Scott
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: 640

My teacher had a lot of enthusiasm which made the class enjoyable and made the material easy to learn. The online resources are amazing. There are plenty of drills and whole lessons to keep you busy. There are also 5 different practice GMATs. You can even practice your AWA essays and a human will score them and give you feedback! I definitely recommend this course.
Joined: Sep 29, 2010
Purchased Course: Apr 14, 2013
College: North Carolina State University
Major: Finance
Industry: Accounting
Country: United States
Verified Real Student Review

A good return on investment

September 29, 2010
  • Teacher: Clarissa Steinbach Constantine
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: 690

The Princeton Review GMAT Live Online Course provided me with the tools that I needed to prepare for the GMAT. The personalized instruction that I received enabled me to focus on areas that I most needed to improve. My instructor's extensive experience in tutoring was extremely valuable, as she was able to equip me with valuable tricks processes to be a more efficient and accurate test taker. Through the use of the Princeton Review books, online modules, practice GMAT exams, and individualized tutoring, I felt comfortable and confident on the day of my exam. Over the course of my tutoring, I was able to improve my score by 140 points. I would highly recommend Princeton Review's GMAT Live Online Course to other students.
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