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The Princeton Review GMAT – Self-Paced

Joined: Aug 16, 2016
Purchased Course: Mar 27, 2016
College: Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur
Major: Chemical Engineering
Industry: Diversified Financial Svcs/Insurance
Country: India
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Great mentor-ship throughout

August 17, 2016
  • Teacher: Sabrina Bonny, Padmini Hosur and Merrily Tobin
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: 750

When I first decided to take the GMAT, I started with ordering the usual OG bundle way back in January. I soon realized that I needed an 'activation energy' to kick-start my preps and hence decided to look for some GMAT classes around Whitefield. I found Manya's Princeton Review near my place and decided to give it a shot as I was clear that I have no time to waste on commute, plus I wanted a weekday course to keep myself in the GMAT mood throughout the weeks.

I requested a demo session and was invited for a 1-hour verbal session. Sabrina is the verbal instructor at the Whitefield center and was taking a small pep-talk on AWAs on that day. I was surprised by the number of key take-aways I was able to gather in that power-packed one hour. I then decided to take the course and was really satisfied that the whole program was suited to my needs. I got alternate weekday classes and a small batch facilitated enough personal attention. My batch mates were all supportive and highly competent and this was another key factor in keeping up the motivation.

The classes at Princeton require you to take a diagnostic test before they start, I scored a 540 and it immediately dawned on me that GMAT is not a piece of cake. The best part came when I was given personalized feedback on my diag test by both the instructors : Sabrina for verbal and Padmini for Quants. This was the point where I was literally GMAT illiterate. The classes followed and so did the tips and tricks that immediately catapulted my scores to 650+ in my other mocks. I thoroughly enjoyed the teaching style of both my instructors and the constant motivation and tips that they gave me throughout the course.

There was a point when my scores plateaued at 690-710s, that's when I was instructed to attend the Booster sessions conducted by senior trainers (Merrily Tobin: Verbal). These sessions are highly effective as the trainers analyse your complete test taking strategy and advise on how to modify it to bosst your score further by 30-40 points. In my case the best advice was to stop being a superman and to start skipping tough questions (esp. in verbal) than to try to tackle them all. Literally you cannot, GMAT is designed for that. This was made very clear by Merrily. She also gave me a rough timer statistic to which I had to stick to while taking the test, this was immensely helpful in maintaining the pace throughout the test.

At the end of 4 power packed months, numerous sessions, tiring mocks, and umpteen practice questions I took the GMAT and voila - 750 (Q50, V40) :)
Joined: Jul 1, 2016
Purchased Course: Dec 27, 2015
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Princeton Review Booster Sessions

July 1, 2016
  • Teacher: Merrily Tobin / Ram Kumar
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: 730

I took the GMAT test in June 2016 and my score was greatly enhanced by the booster sessions offered by Princeton Review. These sessions primarily emphasized upon efficient test taking strategies that helped push up my scores by ~40-50 points.

The primary benefit of these one-on-one sessions was the ability to go through practice tests and recognize areas that were quick wins as well as areas that required actual concentration on content. The analysis of performances across the various prep tests that I took greatly helped in ensuring that repetitive mistakes were avoided. Additionally, the boosters also helped me in tackling questions in a manner that was much more timely than the approach I had earlier.

It was an absolutely great personalized experience with no restrictions on any kind of support that I needed. Would highly recommend these sessions to anyone who is planning on cracking this exam.
Joined: Jan 16, 2016
Purchased Course: Nov 5, 2015
College: India
Major: Electrical Engineering
Industry: Other Manufacturing
Country: India
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Good tests and great for verbal

January 16, 2016
  • Teacher: Merrily Tobin
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: 710

I was hoping for 740 but will have to make do as there is no time left for this year's applications! However, I thought I would give everyone here a summary of my experiences and wish all of you good luck in your preparations.

I did the two month course with Manya Education, they are partnered with The Princeton Review (TPR). The course is well laid out for people who have been away from academics and eases you in to the GMAT experience. If you are struggling with quant or verbal, it is essential you spend time going through this course before you attempt the the GMAT. TPR have 10+ practice tests and use material that is closer to GMAT than MGMAT (though the TPR algorithm has lots of room to improve). The TPR tests are still a one of the better test taking resources out there and provides the most tests for your buck. TPR is also the ONLY company that has your essays scored and reviewed - essential for a AWA score of 6!

I think the Manya team is good with some very helpful trainers. The Master trainers are definitely a cut above the rest and are very helpful. The booster sessions are essential for 700+ and Manya organizes 1-on-1 booster sessions for all students who score just 600+ on TPR (relatively easy, I scored 640 before starting the course). I cannot say much for the Quant boosters but I will comment on the Verbal boosters and Master Trainer Extraordinaire Merrily Tobin...

Legend has it that every good verbal trainer in Bangalore has learnt from her. In fact, one legend who said this was a drunk quant instructor from another company (that I shall not name). Regardless, Merrily knows her way around the intricacies of verbal rules like no other. Her lectures are on point and her notes are fantastic for all levels. I'm extremely disappointed with 38 as her teachings deserve a 40+! She is very helpful, encouraging and motivating - a huge factor as 90% of students will not have an easy journey to their dream score. My mind was blown away by her 24/7 help and dedication to her students - always great to see teachers with such enthusiasm and love for students! Thank you very much Merrily and all best to you!

My most important learning is that you must know your ability and aim for a score that reflects it; don't aim for more and don't settle for less. You must do the test in your most accurate and efficient mindset (I went from 640 to 710 with mainly a mindset change, but that is a story for gmatclub). Lastly/Finally/Ultimately, I wish you all the best of luck on your journey. I hope that your attempt is successful so that you can enjoy your country's moderately fresh air once again!
Joined: Mar 21, 2015
Purchased Course: Jan 28, 2015
College: Panjab University
Major: Mathematics
Industry: Other Services
Country: India
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Thank u Princeton Review for making my dream come true!

August 7, 2015
  • Teacher: Deepti Singh & Suman Rawat
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: 570 After: 710

Having scored 710 in GMAT, I am very hopeful of fulfilling my dream of getting into a good B school and earning a management degree. Getting this score definitely took some hard work but I never knew it would be so much fun ! Thanks to Manya - Princeton Review Chandigarh for making things easy for me. I first thought of enrolling only for Verbal classes at Princeton as it was my weak area but I was guided by trainers to attend math classes as well so that I can stabilize my strong area and secure a good score in it. And today I realize how valuable that advice was :)
I had a wonderful time at Princeton Chandigarh with the trainers and batchmates . We used to have very informative at the same time very interactive and friendly classroom sessions with our teachers. Both our teachers Ms Deepti Singh (Math) and Ms Suman Rawat (Verbal) encouraged us to come up with doubts not just during our classes but also after all our classes were over. They not only helped strengthen my concepts but also counseled me on complete preparation plan. Comprehensive study material helped me improve my grip on concepts. As verbal was my weak area, Suman Ma?am provided me with some extra practice material and detailed analysis sessions. My performance was very closely monitored by my trainers due to which I could identify my weaknesses and correct them. GMAT is not only about knowing all rules or concepts, time management & using the right approach is required and must be followed ? this valuable lesson also came from my trainers. Despite their busy schedules, they ensured individual attention and I can?t thank them enough for that. I wanted a good score but my trainers wanted it badly too and I must say that the combined effort has made 710 possible for me. Thank you so much Princeton Chandigarh for making it possible !!
Joined: Jun 28, 2015
Purchased Course: Mar 10, 2014
College: BITS Pilani
Major: Economics
Industry: Investment Banking
Country: India
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The Princeton Review Classroom program was indeed a very rewarding experience

June 28, 2015
  • Teacher: Merrily Tobin
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: 740

If you are based in Bangalore and looking for a GMAT classroom program, I would strongly recommend that you consider the Princeton Review, Indiranagar centre. The course structure is comprehensive and well structured. Periodic tests and the immense support from the faculty helps you streamline your preparation and gives you the cutting edge. Its a 10 week program, and I can vouch for it that by the end of it you will be fully equipped to tame the dragon called GMAT.
Best of luck with your preparation.

Joined: May 1, 2015
Purchased Course: May 1, 2013
College: NIT Jalandhar
Major: Engineering
Country: India
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Awesome experience with personal touch

May 1, 2015
  • Teacher: Anindita Bose
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: No
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: 700

"I joined Princeton review in June 2013 for Gmat preparation. I enrolled in the class room training program as i wanted to have my basics correct. For three months i worked on the quant and verbal sections and finally in September 2013 i took the Gmat. I scored 680(Quant-50, Verbal-31). I was disappointed as i had worked hard but failed to obtain a 700+ score.

So in August 2014 i decided to prepare again. I contacted Anindita and expressed my desire to join the verbal classes again. She very happily allowed me to join a batch which has just started without any additional cost ! This time she worked with me to eliminate all my doubts in sentence correction which was a point of major concern. I was very confident of my abilities in critical reasoning and reading comprehension but after attending Anindita's class i released how i could solve them in even lesser time. I took the Gmat in November 2014 and scored a 700(Quant-49, Verbal-36). Anindita was instrumental in my success as she helped me not only inside class but also outside it. Apart from the Princeton Review material she made me solve countless number of questions she had gathered from her years of teaching. She helped me keep my faith in myself and always made me believe that i could do it. I thank Anindita for the unconditional support and help she has provided. "
Joined: Mar 2, 2015
Purchased Course: Mar 31, 2013
College: NITK Surathkal
Major: Electrical Engineering
Country: India
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Great experience!

March 2, 2015
  • Teacher: Merrily
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: 760

I took the GMAT in August 2014 and scored a 760 (Q51, V42, IR 8, AWA 5.5). I went to Princeton Review, Bangalore for GMAT coaching and would recommend it to anyone looking for GMAT coaching. Princeton offers 10 weeks of classroom coaching after which you can qualify for booster sessions in which you work one-on-one with master trainers who are experts in verbal and quant. While the classroom sessions ensure you are at a 600+ level, the booster sessions take you to 720+ scores. The master trainers analyze your performance in every section and work with you to strengthen them. These one-on-one sessions are extremely valuable and can easily give you a 100 point jump on the GMAT. The personal attention and effort of the master trainers helped me get a 760 on the GMAT. Just after my classroom sessions, i was at a 650 level. The booster sessions took me up another 110 points from there. I would strongly recommend Princeton Review to anyone aiming for a high score on the GMAT especially because of the one-on-one booster sessions.
Joined: Dec 20, 2014
Purchased Course: Jul 19, 2014
College: Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal University
Country: India
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The Princeton Review GMAT Classroom Prep Course

December 21, 2014
  • Teacher: Rajarshi Ghoshal, Anindita Bose, Jyoti Datta
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: 690

Hi Guys,

A few months back, when I decided that I would write the GMAT, I had no idea about the preparation required or how daunting the preparation would be. Through the grape vine I heard about The Princeton Review preparatory courses and after some research I enrolled the full time classroom course and availed individual sessions provided by the organization.

Know next to nothing about the exam and the preparation I started by classes with The Princeton Review. I found that from the very first class I found that the instructors did not sugar coat the preparatory activities and gave me a very realistic picture of the tasks that lay ahead of me. This I feel was paramount in me giving my best to my GMAT studies. The faculty was very thorough with their respective subjects and topics. Even in the classroom sessions they gave individual attention to the students which is something I found to be extremely helpful in the long run.

Since I had been working for the last four years I barely had any touch with the subjects or a strict regiment of studies one is accustomed to when attending school or college. Besides being friendly and patient, the faculty was very understanding of my situation and drew up a study plan which was best suited to my needs. The instructors' uncanny ability to pin point my areas of weakness and structure my lessons accordingly was probably the most helpful thing in my preparation.

The classes were always scheduled at a convenient time and the pace at which the lessons proceeded where very apt for a 3 month GMAT preparatory course. The lesson plan was very structured and the additional material provided at the center was of a very good standard. As the lessons proceeded the standard of teaching only got better. For me, Critical Reasoning was the topic that was most troubling. But both my Verbal instructors gave me such a targeted approach to understanding the topic that by the time I was done with my preparation, Critical Reasoning was one of the topics that I was most confident in. Data Sufficiency was another question type which troubled me, mainly because my time management in such questions was not up to the mark. My Quantitative faculty noticed this early on and gave me additional material and strategy tips which were most helpful to me during my exam.

Alongside all this, the faculty provided me with constant motivation and counselled me during the entire course of my preparation. There was a time when my mock test scores were on the downward trajectory and the advice that the faculty gave me then has still stuck with me even months after completing my exam.

Through their continual tutoring and counsel I was able to score a 690 on the GMAT, a score that at one point never seemed possible in my eyes. I have unwavering faith in The Princeton Review and their faculty that they can make a success story out of anyone. I have since and will continue to recommend The Princeton Review to my friends and acquaintances for all their GMAT preparatory needs and requirements.

Thank you Princeton Review for your hard work and motivation. I will always be indebted to you for my success.
Joined: Jul 15, 2014
Purchased Course: Jun 6, 2014
College: JSSATE
Major: Computer Engineering
Industry: Computers/Software
Country: India
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Princeton Review Jayanagar Bangalore Review

October 11, 2014
  • Teacher: Dr. Ramya Nitin, Bodhana Pavithran
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: 730

Math: The course consisted of explanations of the Math concepts tested by GMAT divided into different topics. Review Material was comprehensive on the content. In the class room, questions were worked out and the approach to be used for each question type was discussed e.g. When to plug in, split approach for DS etc. Importantly, solving GMAT math problems was made to seem like a fun activity in class.

Verbal: Lessons in the verbal review comprise of different types of approaches to be used for each question type on the GMAT. SC: The common and rare correction types were separate, good list of idioms that can come in handy etc. My SC accuracy was near 100% most of the times. RC: Different approaches to working passages of different kinds followed by the techniques to be used for each kind of question on the passage. CR: Working the argument by finding the flaw, line of reasoning etc.

Other things of note: Online drills and tests were very helpful in my preparation. Homework schedule, if one sticks to it, is comprehensive enough as a study plan. Class timings were convenient. Teachers very much knowledgeable and approachable.

Boosters: Students are eligible for booster sessions if they score a 600 on one of the online tests during the course. I took the Verbal boosters where Merrily Tobin was my teacher. Although I went in for these sessions with hardly a week before my GMAT, these sessions helped me a lot in time management on the test, RC and CR accuracy.

I scored a 630 on the first practice test before the course started and ended up with a 730 (M:50,V:40,IR:7,AWA:6) on my actual GMAT after the course. I owe a big chunk of my success to The Princeton Review and the awesome teachers there- Dr.Ramya, Bodhana and Merrily :)
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Purchased Course: Jun 12, 2013
College: AEC & RI
Major: Engineering
Country: India
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Greatly Helpful course

September 22, 2014
  • Teacher: Merrily Tobin
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: 670


My experience with Princeton Review was Fantastic.
The apparent strengths of TPR are the teaching methods, course content, lab & library facilities, and the qualified trainers. Also, I found the Trainers updated with the test contents, & formats and constantly working on teaching methods to help students go through the changes, if any.
In my view, what puts TPR apart is the availability of trainers outside classrooms and their sincere effort to focus on every student.
Both my tutors Merrily & Rohit were there for me throughout my GMAT prep. They spent so much extra time with me that without any doubt pushed my GMAT score in my second attempt (from 520 to 670). Especially I found each of Merrily?s classes as well as booster sessions Energy packed and motivating.
Booster sessions were definitely more than just a technical discussion, very useful, as they helped me identify the flaws in my thought process. Apparently to approach GMAT questions, it is critical to know the weakness than the strength.
I wasn?t either a fast learner or a quick thinker. So I took more than 4 months after finishing all my classroom sessions to take my first GMAT test. Then my second attempt was 3 months after that. Both my tutors did not deny once when I asked for an extra help throughout my prep. Merrily would come to the centre just for my Booster session though there were no other classes scheduled for her that day. Tutors? faith in my ability instilled a responsibility on me to give my best. Each booster session was a real confidence booster. Moreover, after my second attempt (with 670), when I approached Merrily for help with my third attempt, she readily accepted. May be I was lucky to have found the right coaches to start working on my dream career.
I would highly recommend TPR for all those looking for real help with GMAT prep.
Joined: Sep 10, 2014
Purchased Course: Dec 8, 2013
College: M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Industry: Other Manufacturing
Country: India
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Amazing experience. Value for money

September 10, 2014
  • Teacher: Merrily Tobin, Rohit Maiya, Sonal Kochar, Asma Jabeen.
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: 710

I joined for gmat classes at Princeton review in December 2013. My classes were taken be Sonal(verbal) and Asma(quant). These classes gave me a thorough grounding in all the concepts needed for the GMAT. After gaining all basic training in verbal and quant, I was put for booster sessions around FEB. I think this structure of the course is very effective. It caters to the individual needs of each student.
My verbal boosters were taken by Merrily and quant by Rohit Maiya. Unlike the basic class which gives you all the relevant skills for GMAT, the boosters specifically identify where we are going wrong and corrects them.
In verbal boosters, Merrily would make me redo the questions which were answered wrong or which took more time. She would analyse the thinking process which went into solving the questions and gave detailed feedback which helped me correct the approach. The common mistakes I was making in verbal were-
1)In CR I was not deconstructing the argument and was not able to identify patterns. I was giving more time in selecting the answers than deconstructing the argument. But the answer choices confuse you more. Once I started identifying patterns and started predicting answers before reading the answer choices, I started getting around 90% of the CR questions right from 50%
2) In SC there were many areas I was going wrong in. My approach was corrected to a large extent. I was also thought when to give up and move on.
3) I was made aware of the time killers. Some of the questions just cannot be answered. I became aware of such questions which helped me immensely in the real GMAT.
4) In RC I was taking more time in reading the passage. I stared giving more time to important stuff and skip the details. Also predicting what the sentence is going to say by reading the first 3 or 4 words was of immense help in putting the sentence in w.r.t the main idea of the passage.

Quant boosters too improved my skills immensely. Rohit always asked me to work smart not hard. He would come up with different approaches to the same problem which would save time and effort. This approach of trying out different methods of solving a problem helped me immensely in improving my Quant score which had stagnated. I was really bad in plugging-in, arithmetic and Geometry, which were made a lot easier by Rohit.
And I gave my first GMAT on April 11th. The mistake I did was I didn't go for any boosters for about 20-25 days before the test. This was a major mistake. I just concentrated on studying more and more material which was there on the net.
In the end I didn't apply any approach and scored a 610(q45,v27).
This was a terrible score considering I had scored 740 in two of the GMATPREP s.
I had lost complete hope in my ability. That's when Merrily motivated me a lot. TPR had done everything from giving me classes, to boosters to MGMAT tests , library of books etc. I didn?t expect them to do more. But merrily had not lost hope in my ability. She asked me to take rest for 4/5 days and asked me to come for boosters. She analyzed that I had completely strayed away from the approach in Sc, Cr and Rc. I took about 4/5 verbal boosters in a month and was back on track. I scored a 690 (q49,v34) on May 22. It is considerably better score than 610.
I am thoroughly satisfied with Manya group gmat classes. They tailor the course according to the students needs and abilities.
I was quite satisfied with my score of 690. Recently I realized I can give one more try as the score will not go lower even if I score less. But I really hope to cross the 720-730 this time. I recently attended a sc workshop conducted by merrily. The questions we solved were the once which will propel the score to 700+. The questions are also representative of the recent trends in GMAT which is moving away from pure grammar and towards meaning in SC.
Hope to cross the elusive 700 this time when I take my GMAT on sept 2nd. I thank TPR for being a constant companion in my GMAT journey.

P.S- I gave my GMAT again on Sept 2nd and I have scored a 710(Q49, V38).
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College: Louisiana State University
Major: Fashion
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Excellent Course. So Worth It. Great Instruction.

November 11, 2012
  • Teacher: Terry Stehlik
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: N/A

I took this course thinking that it would be a great refresher before I took the GMAT. But after I took the first practice test before the class, I realized I had no clue what I was doing. I'm so thankful that I took the class because I clearly needed help.

I took the classroom course because I knew I would need something to keep me on task and actually force me to sit down and study. I'm not sure I could have accomplished all that I did without the classroom environment.

Mr. Stehlik taught from a very knowledgable standpoint, and was able to effectively teach the strategies. I have gained immense confidence in my abilities to tackle this difficult test because of my instruction during the course.

I would highly recommend taking this course. If you complete the homework, take the practice tests, and stay attentive in class, you will most certainly benefit from the course. My score definitely increased as a direct result of this course, I have no doubt.
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Purchased Course: Feb 3, 2013
College: Cornell University
Major: Mathematics
Industry: Consulting
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Great experience with Princeton Review!

April 30, 2012
  • Teacher: Daniel Kobza
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: 760

I was very pleased with both the Princeton Review classroom course as well as my resulting GMAT score. It was absolutely worth the money.

I think you really get out of the course what you put into it. I did all the recommended and supplementary work the Princeton Review suggested (which amounts to a lot of time dedicated to studying). It not only really focussed my studying, but gave me ample practice in different kinds of problems. The facilities and teacher were great and really professional as well.

I signed up to take a KAPLAN course originally, but twice the courses I signed up for were cancelled due to less that 10 students signing up for them. There were only 4 students in my Princeton Review class! I'm so glad I took this review course and think it had a lot to do with the great success I had on the actual exam.
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Purchased Course: Nov 22, 2013
College: Younstown State University
Major: Chemical Engineering
Industry: Other Manufacturing
Country: United States
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Final Score Counts-- well worth the time and money

April 17, 2012
  • Teacher: Stefan Maisnier
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: 450 After: 650

I was pleasantly surprised by my GMAT score increase of 200 points. Studied on my own for the first test and didn't receive a high score. Was reluctant to take the course due to the expense of it, but I was determined to raise my score in order to be considered as a good candidate for my MBA applications. In the end I spent the money and I was glad I did!! The instructor drove home the skills needed to determine the best method in taking a timed test and to ensure the students could determine the best answer. The study material was abundant and relevant to test day. The student must put the time in to complete the work but the instructor was great at making sure time was spent where the student would receive the most bang for their buck and effort.
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Purchased Course: Jan 6, 2013
College: UCSD
Major: International Relations
Country: United States
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Wonderful Tricks and Tips

August 10, 2011
  • Teacher: Jake
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: 710

I am extremely happy with my class from Princeton Review.

First of all, the teacher had been working there for 15 years and was
qualified to teach the LSAT, GMAT and SATs. I believe his expertise and
depth of knowledge (especially from the LSAT) made a lot of difference
because it allowed him to bring in other points of view and examples that
a straight GMAT professor might not know. In addition, LSAT has harder
verbal questions that Jake was able to use as examples, making the GMAT
less complicated and made discerning patterns easier.

Second, the class met for 3 hours a week, with homework and pre-work
assigned every week. It was extremely helpful for me to help develop a
study pattern and habit specifically around the GMAT. We also had several
full length CAT exams scheduled that gave me a good idea how I was
progressing and what areas I struggled with in a timed environment (which
were different than what I thought when I was practicing).

Finally, Princeton Review knows all the tricks. They have a lot of insight
into the exam and how to beat it. These little tricks and hints (about
timing, ways to approach problems, etc) were essential to my success at
the end of the day. In addition, they give two books with your
registration fees, one is the official guide published by GMAC (used for
homework problems only) and one written by the Princeton Review that gives
more practice problems and hints in detail. They also target the homework
based on what your pre-test score was so you don't spend any time doing
problems that are too easy or too hard for you. AND they have a guarantee
- not happy with your score, retake the class, no questions asked. I
didn't need to do it again, but it was really nice to have that safety

Take this class, you won't regret it.
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Purchased Course: Jun 28, 2013
College: UC Santa Cruz
Major: Management/Business Administration
Industry: Other Non-Profit
Country: United States
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Great Online Resources

September 29, 2010
  • Teacher: Rebecca Scott
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: 640

My teacher had a lot of enthusiasm which made the class enjoyable and made the material easy to learn. The online resources are amazing. There are plenty of drills and whole lessons to keep you busy. There are also 5 different practice GMATs. You can even practice your AWA essays and a human will score them and give you feedback! I definitely recommend this course.