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Joined: Aug 10, 2018
Purchased Course: May 31, 2018
College: The University of Texas
Major: Finance
Industry: Real Estate Development
Country: United States
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Ravi's Course Made a Huge Difference for Me

August 10, 2018
  • Teacher: Ravi Sreerama
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: 730

I was hesitant to take an online GMAT Prep course because of my experience with online courses in college. I thought a GMAT online course would be similar - very boring and students would be basically unknown to the instructor. At the recommendation of a friend, I signed up for Ravi's Live Online Class through Veritas and I could not have been more pleasantly surprised. Ravi's classes are extremely engaging and just as interactive as an in-person class. Students type questions/comments into the group chat and Ravi addresses them immediately on camera. It's no different than raising your hand and asking your professor a question. Ravi is also really good at holding students accountable. If you obviously haven't prepared for the day's class, Ravi won't hesitate to tell you to log-off and come back once you have your act together. He expects his students to be prepared and eager each class, just as he is. His motto is "99 [percentile] or Bust" and he expects his students to approach class with the same mindset.

As far as content, I found the Veritas course materials to be really helpful. But, there may be other GMAT prep materials out there that are comparable. A few benefits of taking the class as opposed to just reading the textbooks were (i) being able to ask questions and (ii) the tips, side-notes, pointers, etc. that Ravi would verbally add to the written textbook content. I utilized a number of his pointers while studying for and taking the exam. The most significant benefit, though, was the level of engagement that Ravi created each class. Ravi's classes are interactive, energetic, and enjoyable and, because of that, I was able to focus and retain information quickly. Ron Awad was the TA for my course and the Ravi/Ron duo is second to none. Ron is super sharp and supplements Ravi's lesson with his own tips by posting them in the group chat. He is also hilarious.

In case you are wondering, my enjoyment from Ravi's course is my sole motivation for writing this review. I honestly never write reviews, ever, but I feel that strongly about Ravi's course. He is genuinely a bright, funny, likable guy. He has tremendous command of the course material and he was never stumped by a student's question - not once. His presentation skills are also superb. He doesn't constantly use filler words (ahh, umm, etc.) which would get very annoying after listening to someone speak for three hours. He is professional, takes his teaching very seriously, and cares immensely about the progress of his students. He's also quick to laugh and it's very rewarding to post a comment in the group chat that makes him crack up on screen. Definitely worth a try.

TL;DR - I highly recommend Ravi's Live Online course if you know that you want to take the GMAT and are willing to put in the work to crush it. Ravi?s course is not for those who "think" they want to take the GMAT. I took my exam four weeks after completing Ravi's course and got the score I wanted on my first attempt. I'm not saying that simply taking Ravi's class is a GMAT silver bullet. I do think, though, if you have the will and desire to crush the GMAT, Ravi's course will provide the tools to get you there.
Joined: Aug 1, 2018
Purchased Course: Sep 11, 2017
College: University of California Berkeley
Major: Biology
Industry: Multimedia
Country: United States
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Ravi's 99 or bust mentality is what you want with you on test day

August 1, 2018
  • Teacher: Ravi Sreerama
  • Recommended forVerbal: No  Math: No
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: 700

I took Ravi's live online course, and it was the best decision I ever made. First off, the live online format is AWESOME. I was initially worried that it wouldn't feel as engaging or I might not have an opportunity to ask questions, but that is definitely not the case. Class was always dynamic, and the online environment actually ADDED to the experience because we would answer poll questions from which Ravi could actually glean insights on how the class was doing, what we were thinking, and how each individual was performing. He would speak to that in real time + tailor his teaching around it. I really mean that - like, for instance, I ask a question using the main chat box thing, Ravi responds live on camera, addresses me by name, AND he knows whether or not I got the last problem correct (I assume he has a student dash always in view), so he can weave that into his reply as needed. The added bonus? The live online classes are recorded + available to watch again, which is a gamechanger. I watched all quant lessons over in advance of my exam to make sure I had the concepts solidified.

Ravi is a phenomenal instructor. I should note that I actually took my first GMAT exam before my class was actually over, so that should give you a sense of how impactful his teaching and framework were for me. I was able to hit the 700 mark within weeks of beginning serious study, and I definitely plan on taking the exam again (once my class is over this time). Ravi's drills home a "99th percentile or bust" mentality for ALL his students which is incredibly motivating. He does not sugarcoat, he provides tough love, and he is probably not for everyone. He's for serious students (with a sense of humor ;) who can stand to take some fair punches in service of their learning, growth, and development. He really tells it like it is and gives concrete tips + strategies on how to beat the test.

It was the Ravi mindset and smart strategies that helped me more than the review of the content. I'm generally "good at learning" - I can learn content from books or really from any instructor. The things Ravi brings to the table are way more valuable - things like teaching you HOW to guess, shortcuts to beat the timer, HOW to react when you get problems wrong + why takeaways are important, etc.

Despite having a bazillion students, Ravi was also always available to give advice + help his students. I hit a roadblock mid-way through my studies, so I private messaged him during class. He was immediately able to guess what I was doing wrong and "unstuck" me within a matter of minutes. He's that good.

I should also note that I have all the Manhattan Prep books and The Official GMAT guides, and the Veritas material/structure is my favorite. It's smart, designed for speed + efficiency, and spunky if you pick an instructor like Ravi.
Joined: Jul 21, 2018
Purchased Course: Mar 25, 2018
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Sign up for Ravi's class -he won't disappoint!

July 21, 2018
  • Teacher: Ravi Sreerama
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: 670 After: 710

I wish I had known about Ravi's online classes earlier in my GMAT journey because honestly this is the only prep you need in order to succeed. Breaking 700 seemed like an impossible goal until I took Ravi's class. This was my first time taking a live online class so I was a little apprehensive but it was actually a great experience and I probably learned more from his class than all of the prep books I bought combined. It's hard to study when you work a full-time job during the week but Ravi actually made the classes fun and engaging. Ravi private messages you during the course to let you know how you are doing which just goes to show how dedicated he is to his students. You can tell he is passionate about teaching and has no time for slackers. A lot of time and effort is needed to beat this test and I can't thank Ravi enough for helping me reach my goal.
Joined: Jul 20, 2018
Purchased Course: Jun 9, 2018
College: University of Florida
Major: Accounting
Industry: Accounting
Country: United States
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Streamlined path to success

July 20, 2018
  • Teacher: Ravi Sreema
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: 480 After: 550

Ravi was truly a blessing when it came to my GMAT preparation. After taking the GMAT without any formal studying and falling short of the score I needed, I ultimately felt defeated. After reading some of the reviews for Veritas Prep and Ravi, I decided that he would be the person to help me gain the extra points that I needed. Ravi came to every lesson with a passion to instill his process for attacking questions in his students, and clearly outlined what was necessary for the students who wanted a 99th percentile score, as well as others like myself who needed a mere 10 points to reach a satisfactory score. For anyone considering a GMAT Prep course, I would highly recommend Ravi from Veritas Prep, as he can lead you on the path to a 780+, as well as help you attain whatever score you are looking for!
Joined: Jul 14, 2018
Purchased Course: Nov 27, 2017
Verified Real Student Review

Excellent Course

July 14, 2018
  • Teacher: Ravi Sreerama
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: 720

Typically I don't write reviews good or bad, but I enjoyed the class so much that I thought I should write a review. I was concerned that because it was online it would be easy to slack-off, but that could not be further from the truth. The truth is that the Ravi did an excellent job making sure the entire class was engaged and the result was I was far more engaged than any undergraduate class I ever took. Ravi does an excellent job not focusing on material, because anyone can memorize material, but breaking down the test and providing strategies for acing it.
Joined: Jun 5, 2016
Purchased Course: Jun 24, 2017
Verified Real Student Review

He might have your butt handed to you... but he makes sure you learn.

June 11, 2018
  • Teacher: Ravi Sreerama
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: 690 After: 730

Ravi is hands down the best GMAT instructor - not to discredit other great instructors! - but he's really that good. I had some skepticism about how effective and helpful online courses might be, but it was honestly just as good, if not better, than an in-person live course. And Ravi was a big factor.

His class is engaging. He responds to students by names when they ask questions and or answer to his questions on live chat windows throughout the course, and every so often slips in sassy jokes to keep the class engaging and funny. He makes sure you're on your toes, so you actually accord each question the respect it deserves, so that you don't overlook subtleties in answer choices and make silly mistakes. He may sometimes have your butt handed to you - but it's to make sure you remember the mistake and not repeat it. He's kind of like a mean brother that nevertheless still cares about you, and wants you to succeed.

Ravi's fast paced class helped me use my time efficiently to pick up the key points and strategies in tackling both verbal and math. Sure, a prep course is a major investment, but it's an investment for your app, MBA, and successes beyond. After taking Ravi's course and a month of review, I was able to increase my GMAT score from 690 to 730. It's probably not good enough for Ravi, because he demands "99 (percentile) or bust" mentality, but it's because he expects greatness from his students ;)
Joined: Nov 19, 2017
Purchased Course: Nov 27, 2017
College: Harvard College
Major: Economics
Industry: Private Equity
Country: United States
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Veritas Online Course - Ravi Sreerama

February 26, 2018
  • Teacher: Ravi Sreerama
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: 760

The only word to describe Ravi Sreerama is exceptional. His mastery of the subject is expected but his teaching style, creative problem solving methods, and personal attention are worth at least double the value of the course. Before Veritas I was hesitant about the virtual classroom and what kind of experience it might offer, Ravi put all of that behind me on day 1. He knows exactly how to leverage the environment to motivate every single one of his students and is relentlessly demanding in the best of ways. The live question polls and private chats ensure a level of participation that exceeds what would be possible in a traditional classroom setting. These tools not only keep you engaged but also accountable throughout the course. Although Ravi was never shy about handing out occasional (necessary) doses of humility, every class was a treat as he ensured I never became complacent, never became bored, and always left with some solid key takeaways. If you're looking to get a 600+ there are many instructors out there that would be a great fit but Ravi probably isn't one of them...It's 99th percentile or bust in his world so you better be ready to bring your A game every day to keep up. Can't say enough good things about Ravi or the Veritas online program in general, and I STRONGLY recommend his live online course to anyone looking to crush the GMAT.

The Veritas CATs are the other factor that comes with the package and I found them essential in my test preparation. The GMAT is a test unlike any other and walking into test day without having seen a CAT before is a recipe for disaster. I never took any other provider's tests but Veritas tests provide great analytics that break down your performance and time spent on each question type. The breakdowns help significantly with time management and the explanations are always clear to help you study the questions you got wrong. The only negative I could think of is that the CAT scores slightly underestimated my performance compared to the GMATprep practice tests and the official test but this actually motivated me to work harder over the remaining weeks to test day to ensure I got the score I wanted.
Joined: Dec 22, 2017
Purchased Course: Oct 18, 2017
Verified Real Student Review

Veritas Live or Bust!

December 22, 2017
  • Teacher: Ravi Sreerama
  • Recommended forVerbal: No  Math: No
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: 450 After: 660

I can't speak enough about the quality of the Veritas live GMAT prep course. Before I signed up for the course I found myself right here on reading these very reviews. All of them seemed so remarkable, but I had a healthy dose of skepticism, as we all should. Well, it turns out there is nothing to be wary of... the Live Online course is everything one could hope for to reach for the top when it comes to GMAT prep!

I picked Ravi as my instructor based on the reviews I read. I had never taken an online class before so I was little worried about my ability to pay attention, but I can assure you, Ravi made the class so entertaining and fun that I found myself greatly looking forward to every class and even sad when the course came to an end.

Ravi is able to break down all of the complex and confusing questions and explain simple and elegant solutions. He is a mastermind and wants every student to succeed. He will private message every student during class to give encouragement and also to shame you! I can't emphasize the shame enough. Ravi's ability to shame you for picking a bad answer is the best part of the course. He makes you want to prove it to him that you aren't the bad student... that you have the ability to take your score to the top. I want to clarify that it isn't a negative type of shaming, but more of a "I know you are better than this! now prove it to me on the next question... never make the same mistake twice!".

The Veritas curriculum is top-notch. The GMAT test is broken down into 12 books/12 classes and each book has three sections... the skill builder to learn the foundations, the lesson to learn how to use the skills and then apply strategies, and then the homework to get your share of practice in to set in stone all of the knowledge you just acquired.

10/10 and A+ for Ravi and the Veritas curriculum. I went from an embarrassing 450 to official 660! None of it would have been possible without Veritas. Now what are you waiting for?!? Sign up and take your score to the moon!
Joined: Dec 17, 2017
Purchased Course: Dec 9, 2016
College: United States Air Force Academy
Major: Business
Country: United States
Verified Real Student Review

Ravi is the TRUTH!!

December 17, 2017
  • Teacher: Ravi Sreerama
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: 600 After: N/A

Hello everyone, after taking the course with Ravi, I felt the only way to repay him was to give him an awesome review. This guy is extremely good at what he does. He does not sugar coat anything about the test. He is very direct and very focused. He tells you what you need to hear in a motivational manner. If you are thinking about taking the GMAT, or have taken it and did not do so well, please attend one of Ravi's courses! You will not be disappointed at all!
Joined: Dec 14, 2017
Purchased Course: Oct 23, 2017
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Nothing beats in person learning with Mark Robinson

December 14, 2017
  • Teacher: Mark Robinson
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: N/A

I took the Veritas Prep Face to Face course with Mark Alan Robinson in Houston during the month of November 2017. I could not say enough things about Mark. He's a down to earth guy who truly cares about making each individual in the classroom succeed. The skills he teaches you from his own experience + the skills the Veritas Prep books recommend will complement great to help anyone succeed on the test.
Joined: Nov 22, 2017
Purchased Course: Jun 28, 2017
College: Lehigh University
Major: Finance
Industry: Education
Country: United States
Verified Real Student Review

Great class, Anthony is fantastic!

November 22, 2017
  • Teacher: Anthony Ritz
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: N/A

I took the in-person Veritas class on Monday's and Wednesdays for 3.5 hours each in DC. Anthony Ritz was my instructor and he was fantastic. He does a great job of making the class interesting and providing great tricks to do well on the GMAT. Before the class I figured the class would drag on but it actually goes by pretty quickly. I took the veritas prep online class before the in-person and the in-person was 100x better. I am very happy I decided to sign up for the in-person class and Anthony was a huge help. He does a great job of going at the right pace and understanding when people are struggling. I would highly encourage signing up for Anthony's class!
Joined: Nov 21, 2017
Purchased Course: Sep 10, 2017
College: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Major: Chemical Engineering
Industry: Energy/Extractive Minerals
Country: United States
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Mark made me feel like Neo in the GMAT matrix

November 21, 2017
  • Teacher: Mark Robinson
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: 790

When I began my study of the GMAT I assumed that self study would be sufficient and that there was no way I would need a prep course. After flat lining on my performance right off the bat I received the recommendation to take the in-person Veritas prep course from a very intelligent individual I know who, as it turned out, had taken the course previously. I signed up for the in person Sept-Oct 2017 course with Mark Robinson in Houston and without a doubt this was an unbelievably good decision. Mark imparted an incredible insight into how to approach the GMAT and it is a testament to his teaching skills that I feel that I have become a better thinker overall, not just a better GMAT test taker. I achieved a score that I never believed would be possible until it popped up on the computer screen, and for that I have to thank Mark and the Veritas Prep team.
Joined: Nov 13, 2017
Purchased Course: Apr 14, 2017
College: Colgate University
Major: Geography
Industry: Government
Country: United States
Verified Real Student Review

Awesome Online Class!

November 13, 2017
  • Teacher: Kevin Richardson
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: 690

I took the online class with Kevin Richardson and could not recommend any higher. The classes were incredibly well organized and very clear. For the most part, due to scheduling issues, I could not attend the live online classes and had to watch the recorded versions of each, but I still found each session very engaging. Kevin did a great job of building on each lesson was more than happy to provide some individual pointers on how best to prepare for the test given what my relative strengths and weaknesses are.
Joined: Nov 7, 2017
Purchased Course: Apr 2, 2017
Verified Real Student Review

Ravi Sreerama is awesome

November 7, 2017
  • Teacher: Ravi Sreerama
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: 770

Like many of the other reviews on here already say, the key thing for you will be making sure that you find the instructor / program that would be the most effective in motivating and guiding you through preparing for the GMAT. No instructor is going to take the exam for you, so making sure that you find someone that will get you to want to improve is absolutely key to getting the most out of any program.

Ravi Sreerama was a perfect fit for me - he doesn't sugarcoat his feedback and will happily let any person know if it looks like they are starting to slack off in their preparation for the exam. When I (or anyone else) needed a push to bring my effort up, he was always ready to give one. He did a fantastic job guiding me through how to prepare for the exam and mastering the strategies and topics I needed to know on test day. When I took my first practice test I got a 640 (37Q 39V), and Ravi helped me significantly improve and get into the 99th percentile with a 770 (50Q 46V).
Joined: Feb 6, 2016
Purchased Course: Mar 8, 2016
College: Fakultet za sport i turizam Novi Sad
Major: Management/Business Administration
Industry: Other Services
Country: Serbia-Montenegro
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October 23, 2017
  • Teacher: Devin Jones
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: 550 After: 710

The Veritas prep course is for sure the best course out there.
I did detailed research before I enrolled, comparing it to other courses, but they were simply not as comprehensive and detailed as Veritas.
I am a foreigner and english is not my native language, but still with the help of Veritas and Devin Jones who was my tutor, I managed to get 710 with 41 on Verbal.
Devin Jones was exceptional, I am pretty sure that even though studying resources are really good, the biggest contribution to my score came from Devin's lectures.
Joined: Oct 9, 2017
Purchased Course: May 25, 2017
Verified Real Student Review

Chester was amazing!

October 9, 2017
  • Teacher: Chester Rodheaver
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: N/A

Veritas Prep has amazing resources, and Chester was a fabulous instructor. Taking this course helped me understand the format and flow of the exam, the test makers' tricks, and mostly importantly, the amount of effort required to succeed on the exam. I underestimated how much studying would happen after the conclusion of the course, and feel like I could keep studying for many more hours. The additional materials Chester provided (study guides, etc.) have been awesome, and I'll be holding onto all the Veritas materials should I need to brush up on core skills in the future.
Joined: Sep 28, 2017
Purchased Course: May 4, 2017
College: University of Western Ontario
Major: Economics
Industry: Consulting
Country: Canada
Verified Real Student Review

Clear, comprehensive, and concise!

September 28, 2017
  • Teacher: Ravi Sreerama
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: 610 After: 690

Hello all,

My experience with the Veritas Prep Course was amazing! I had Ravi Sreerama as my teacher through a 6-week course that covered all sections of the GMAT, all of which were separated into bi-weekly classes (3 hours in duration). The classes covered key concepts from foundational knowledge of each section, essential strategies to aid in timing/pace, and proper approaches to varying question types to reduce careless mistakes. Ravi as a teacher was incredibly helpful! His commitment to pushing his students to do the very best they can do (99 percentile or bust) has inspired myself and my fellow classmates to achieve greatness. Ravi's teaching style is very blunt and straight to the point, he holds you accountable for any/every mistakes that you may make, which I believed helped a lot of students to grow and recognize their mistakes. Allowing each of them to adjust their strategies to ensure that these mistakes are corrected. This does not mean that Ravi has strict or boring classes, quite the opposite actually. He consistently cracks jokes and interacts with his students, which really integrated every individual into the online-class setting, making a very dry and stressful subject somewhat entertaining. I would recommend Veritas Prep to anyone who is considering the course as their material is very clear and comprehensive! The skill builders provided by Veritas allows for each student to learn/refresh on all of the foundational material needed to tackle easy questions (400-600), thus allowing them to progress to more difficult questions (650+) with a strong base understanding of the key concepts of each section. Additionally if I had to choose my teacher again, I would choose Ravi every time!
Joined: Sep 25, 2017
Purchased Course: Apr 7, 2017
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99 Or Bust

September 25, 2017
  • Teacher: Ravi Sreerama
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: 600 After: 690

Thoroughly enjoyed Ravi's course and the Veritas program. Ravi won't hold your hand and he will call you out if you don't keep up in the class, but it keeps you honest and in my opinion helps you to get the most out of the course. Ravi's class is high-energy and he thrives off of participation, so I found I got the most of the class when I was heavily engaged in the class discussion.

There's a lot of material to cover and Ravi explains it clearly and concisely, and the techniques he teaches are all practical and helped me during the GMAT.

To get the most out of the course, make sure that you do the homework ahead of time and come to class prepared, Ravi doesn't have time to help with content questions as he has to push through the material, but Veritas has "office hours" that you can take advantage of to brush up on some content.

Overall, great teacher and great program, would highly recommend.
Joined: Dec 22, 2013
Purchased Course: Apr 17, 2017
College: Georgia State University
Major: Marketing
Industry: Consulting
Country: United States
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An Honest Assessment of My Experience

September 24, 2017
  • Teacher: Ravi Sreerama
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: N/A

Like other students, I value the input of other Gmatters and how their scores correlated to prepping efficiency. My Vertias Prep online experience with Ravi was not short of excellence.

Not too long after I signed up, Ravi sent us an email letting us know that the GMAT is a beatable foe. Also, he told us that if you are scared of putting in the work to learn, a significant increase in your GMAT score would not be feasible.

Througout the course, Ravi really enforces getting a grasp on the content first before the class through Skillbuilders which helps you get level-headed for the live online portion. During the live online class with Ravi, you learn the mistakes the GMAT test maker lays for unprepared students.

With Ravi's expertise, I really improved in my Quant overall and in my Critical Reasoning subscore for the Verbal. If it was not for Ravi, I would have been lost in this world of GMAT test taking.

World of advice: Take the teachings from Ravi and implement them over time as this will help you soak up the knowledge more. The more you can think like him and the test taker, the better your overall score will be.
Joined: Sep 22, 2017
Purchased Course: Apr 6, 2017
Major: Electrical Engineering
Industry: Telecommunications
Country: Canada
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An eye-opener of a GMAT Prep course. Fun and interactive!

September 22, 2017
  • Teacher: Ravi Sreerama
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: No
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: N/A

I did lots of research before this. First on whether or not I should take a course (I had bought the Manhattan Prep books along with the OG books to self-study) but then that got nowhere. Then I decided to look for a course to help me get the ball rolling and to help me be consistent with the studying. I compared all the ones you've seen here through forums/messages and even looking up a clip on youtube to get a sense of teaching style. It was amazing!
To be frank, the GMAT is not hard if you had all the time in the world to finish it. But that's the point - how do you manage your time to get THE answer with the least a bit of work so you can allocate the extra time to another question that may need it. This is how you beat the GMAT - answer the question, but don't over-answer (a lot of the times Quant questions don't need to be fully worked out to get the answer to the question). Veritas Prep just kept coming up as THE course to take because of their high caliber of instructors but also their policy.

I like the structure of VP because they are more strategy-based (both course and books) than for example, Manhattan Prep (which is owned by Kaplan by the way), who is more content-based. You would think that something more content means it covers more theory for you to excel, but it's just a lot more information and detail on perhaps some specific types of questions that you are not likely going to see as often. They can offer techniques to help you remember things, but they never really stick with you. What you need to beat the GMAT is strategy. Strategy on how to approach any question!

The course itself is structured to be very interactive. You won't be bored and I get side tracked easily!

Veritas Prep guarantees that you improve your score.
Veritas Prep allows you to retake the course, at no cost, for any reason. Even if you got an amazing/better score and you still feel like you can improve, by all means, take the course again even if you have the recordings of the first!

You've probably seen his name come up from many past students' review. Although I can't definitively say he's the best since I have not taken a course with others (who also have amazing reviews), but my biased self thinks he is.

Why is Ravi so awesome and a fit for me?
Ravi is direct. He's the kick in the butt that you need. To be in his class, you need to come prepared. If you make a mistake that you shouldn't have because he extensively explained why you should not fall into a certrain traip - he will call you out on it (privately or publicly without mentioning your name). It motivates you to never make that mistake again.

If you are truly struggling, Ravi won't hesitate to message you privately to understand what's going on and give constructive advice to help you succeed.

Ravi and Megan make a great team! I look forward to every class because the knowledge and strategy you get form this course almost feels like you're cheating your way to get that amazing score.

Veritas Prep is an investment worth making if you're really serious in obtaining a great GMAT score. Not good, but great or even amazing. You'll be surprised at just how well you can do with just the right course and instructors! It goes without saying, but don't just study hard, study smart. Good luck!
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