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4.8 stars
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Joined: Jan 2010
Purchased Course: Dec 2009
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Veritas Prep Review

3 stars
July 20, 2010
Company: Veritas Prep 1274 reviews
Course: Veritas Prep Full Course 579 reviews
Location: Veritas Prep - Hyatt Orange County 6 reviews
Teacher: Maritess Panlilio
Recommended forVerbal: Yes   Math: No
Since this was the first class taught at the Anaheim location, I felt that we were somewhat the guinea pigs of the course. The only positive aspect of it was that since there were only 5 students who enrolled, the instructor could cater to each of the students' individual weaknesses. I felt that the instructor's verbal skills and techniques were excellent but her quant knowledge was sub-par. To be honest with you all, after I completed the class, I purchased the Manhattan GMAT set on and practiced on my own which was more effective. Perhaps it could be due to my learning style, but I would suggest that if you have time to self-study go ahead and buy give it a shot before you enroll in a prep course.

Joined: Mar 2009
Purchased Course: Mar 2009
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You can do better

2 stars
July 20, 2010
Company: Veritas Prep 1274 reviews
Course: Veritas Prep Full Course 579 reviews
Location: Veritas Prep - Doubletree Hotel - Campbell Center Dallas 5 reviews
Recommended forVerbal: No   Math: No
I signed up for the veritas course with high hopes. The company markets itself as "elite" GMAT prep. I honestly think you can do better through careful use of self-study methods and a tutor. If you do want to take a class, I would recommend finding a short and cheap one offered by a local college. The reason is, you will get some initial improvement in your score by learning about the types of questions on the test, and some simple tricks..after that, it's all practice practice practice. Taking a long expensive class is just going to waste your valuable time.

Methodically takes you through test.
Critical reasoning and Reading Comprehension lessons are good.

-For being an elite class, the room felt crowded. I expected better accommodations.
-Long, after this class, you have already spent two months reviewing for GMAT. If the course does not provide needed improvement, you are likely looking at even more time for self study.
-Expensive, even after shelling out the money for the elite class, I still ended up purchasing all the manhatton books, OG guides and others.
-The materials that are provided are not sufficient for achieving a high score. As one example, the sentence correction book I was given was littered with errors in the correct answers portion. It is kind of hard to learn how to do something right if the correct answers aren't given to you. True, error corrections were on the website, but the # of errors is unacceptable for an "elite course"
-Lack of individual attention. Despite being the longest class, that does not mean you will really receive much individual attention. You are basically going to get out of it what the teacher covers.

--Bottom line: Going in with high expectations, I was obviously disappointed in the class. I really think that a class is useful for getting you an initial score boost, but not necessarily to your target score. So if you are going to take a class, I would recommend finding one that is short and relatively inexpensive. Then you can spend the additional time and money on self-study materials and possibly a tutor.

Joined: Jan 2009
Purchased Course: Jun 2008
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To get to 700, Veritas can help. To Go beyond, its up to you.

4 stars
July 20, 2010
Company: Veritas Prep 1274 reviews
Course: Veritas Prep Immersion Course 41 reviews
Location: Veritas Prep - Regus/HQ Business Center Downtown Miami 4 reviews
Teacher: Ken Kleinfeld
Recommended forVerbal: Yes   Math: Yes
To sum things up:
1. The instructor was great. The guy is truly brilliant. He was funny and challenging and motivational. It was a good teaching experience.
2. The curriculum was good, and the material veritas uses is good, up to a point. It is slightly different from the real GMAT questions, but it is much closer to the GMAT type questions than Kaplan and a lot of others that make their questions far more complex but straightforward that GMAT questions, which are simple but worded in a dense manner. This is a key a difference between courses and the test. To really get to beyond 700, you have to work the GMAC books because they are your bread and butter.
3. Results: Before I took the veritas course I took the GMAT and got a 680. I was going to apply to a PhD program so I need a score in excess of 720. I took the GMAT test 6 months after I took the course, after I did a heavy dose of personal study, using the beaththegmat resources, and got a 740. The veritas course was good, if I would have been applying to an MBA a 650 to 700 would have been suffice.
All in all it was a good course, done in a nice place, with a great instructor.

Joined: Mar 2010
Purchased Course: Aug 2009
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530 to 690

5 stars
July 20, 2010
Company: Veritas Prep 1274 reviews
Course: Veritas Prep Full Course 579 reviews
Location: Veritas Prep - Marriott Washington, DC 20 reviews
Teacher: Travis Sorensen
Recommended forVerbal: Yes   Math: Yes
GMAT ScoresBefore: 530   After: 690
This course helped me move from a 530 on my first diagnostic to a 690 on the GMAT. The materials, pace, and focus on content was critical to helping me improve my score.

I took the Saturday course which combines 2 sessions in one day. No other company offered that flexible schedule.

I would highly recommend this course.