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Joined: Oct 17, 2017
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Major: Accounting
Industry: Investment Management
Country: China, People's Republic of (PRC)
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Excellent Service - experienced, professional and responsible

October 17, 2017
  • Teacher: Marcela Pipitone Rodrigues
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I applied for CBS, MIT and Wharton in Round 1 with the help from Admissionado. I was admitted into CBS MBA class of 2020 Fall. I received the acceptance call only two days after the interview. The entire application process of CBS took less than a month, from submission to acceptance call. Can't tell how lucky and thrilled I feel to get an offer so early, when ppl around may be still working on their essays or waiting for interview invites. CBS is my #1 choice and I am still super excited to be joining CBS next year.

I think my stats are good (GPA 3.73, top 1%, GMAT 740), but my weakness is that I only have less than 3 years' work experience by now. I worked in Big 4 as an auditor for the first two years, so it was actually difficult to differentiate myself from the pool. Admissionado played a significant part in my application, especially for resume/essays reviews. Their suggestions on LoR were also helpful and straight to the point. I really really appeciate that Marcela, my consultant, gave me encouraging feedbacks when we had the initial call. She gave me much more confidence targeting at the M7 schools in R1. I'd also like to thank Claudia and Lauren. They are very very professional, helpful and encouraging in the entire process.

With prior experience in applying for Master programs at B-schools, I knew that finding a experienced, professional and responsible consultant would be extremely important for MBA application. That's why I chose Admissionado after spending substantial amount of time comparing the services of different consultants. I decided to go with Admissionado because I felt the passion of the team, the professionalism of their posts on different websites like GmatClubs, Chasedream and P&Qs.

I had no difficulty in drafting the resume/essays, so I chose the Junior Deluxe. I'd say the email communication with consultant will be more than enough. They are highly reponsible and will respond to your email very quickly. Regaring the essays, there are 4 rounds of edits. They are extremly helpful in that they really know the requirements/preferences of each program and will put you in the right direction at the very beginning.

I don't know my results for MIT and Wharton yet, but based on my succesful experience getting into CBS, I strongly recommend Admissionado. That being said, the applicant should also be highly committed to his own application. Remember that no one else will be more responsbile for your application than yourself.
Joined: Sep 1, 2012
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College: University of Lodz
Major: Sociology
Industry: Consulting
Country: Poland
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Best investment ever (just after the MBA ;))!!!

September 6, 2017
  • Teacher: Phillip Herring
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I was more than happy to work with Phillip and the Admissionado team!!

I tried applying on my own and I didn't get any effects until I started collaborating with Admissionado. They helped me structure my approach, kept pace of work in a way that encouraged me to effectively use time on my applications and looked on the application as a whole, which helped fill in the gaps and made sure that all the pieces of the app made sense and told the same story. As a result I got accepted to Kellogg and an interview at Columbia vs no results with 3 applications the previous year.

Ther are several things that in my opinion are distninctive to Admissionado:
1. The combination of strategic thinking about the application and the help of professional writers to refine my story and keep it simple yet sticky.
2. Quick pace of work. Each time I sent my iteration, it took Phillip not more than 72 hours to get back with actionable remarks for every part of it. I had a clear idea of what to fix.
3. Easygoing approach, which makes preparing the application more enjoyable. Since applying is an emotional rollercoaster, it's good to have someone on your side that's not only making sure you are telling the right story, but also makes sure that you have fun telling it.

If you have any doubts about working with Admissionado, go for it. You won't regret it!!
Joined: Aug 20, 2009
Purchased Course: Oct 13, 2015
College: UCLA Anderson
Major: Business
Industry: High Technology/Electronics
Country: United States
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UCLA Anderson...totally worth it

August 31, 2017
  • Teacher: Shawn
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I'll admit that this is a biased review, because I had an amazing experience with Shawn and the Admissionado team. I had a GMAT and work experience that was pretty average for Anderson, but I knew the essay is where I really needed help telling my story. Shawn took the time to listen to my whole story, ask probing questions, and guided me towards writing a compelling story where my childhood, undergrad, work experience, and extracurriculars all aligned with Anderson, as well as with what I wanted to do in the short and long-term for my career.

They don't write it for you, but really make you think hard about what the admissions committee wants to see. I thought myself a pretty solid storyteller, but Shawn helped me get this story (which is one of the most important ones I've had to tell) perfect. I enjoyed the process and really thought him and team added a ton of value. It's a big investment, but then again, so is 2 years out of your career and tuition. All in all, I would definitely do it again. Because now looking at where I am, shelling out a bit of money has resulted in a great ROI in my career, but also my personal life.