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Joined: Jun 16, 2019
Purchased Course: Dec 7, 2018
College: IIT Delhi
Major: Manufacturing Engineering
Industry: Other Non-Profit
Country: India
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Improvement in SC! (650 to 710)

June 16, 2019
  • Teacher:
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: No
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: 650 After: 710

I gave the GMAT, two years ago with an organised prep. Going into the exam I thought time management would be my greatest issue as I knew I struggled in SC. During the verbal section, my fears materialised and I ended up with only being able to complete 25 questions in the section with a verbal score of 28 as I just marked the rest randomly.
When I planned to give the exam again this May, I asked around and was recommended the preparation course by e-GMAT and I'm thankful for that. Through the e-GMAT because online prep I was able to learn the core skills and concepts I needed to tackle verbal questions, especially the sentence correction questions. This boost proved to be pivotal to me this time around. I was able to complete the verbal section on time and scored a v34 with a great improvement in my score (710). I especially loved the video lectures and concepts with questions alongside them, enabling me to apply what I learnt.
It was a great experience!
Joined: Jul 18, 2018
Purchased Course: Sep 14, 2017
College: IIT (ISM) Dhanbad
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Industry: Other Manufacturing
Country: India
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Not an optimal GMAT preparation tool

June 9, 2019
  • Teacher: Payal Tandon
  • Recommended forVerbal: No  Math: No
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: 560 After: 550

I started preparing for GMAT somewhere in Apr-17 by my own and given my first GMAT on 09-Sept-17. I had referred only one book -Princeton GMAT Review apart from the diagnostic test from official guide. I scored a score of 560(Q49, V17) which I cancelled as my target score was 650+. I asked few of my colleagues for my improvement in the score. They suggested to take e-GMAT course. I enrolled on 14-Sept-17 for this course. I judiciously completed complete verbal course and solved all the recommended official questions. I partially solved their verbal scholoranium. I also went through their Quant courses partially. Meanwhile I had scheduled my exam date which was 04-Mar-18. I got a score of 580 (Q49, V19). Again I cancelled my score as it was not meeting my minimum score criteria of 650. I took six month extension of their course to complete the Quant as well as scholaranium. I fully competed the quant course, completed Quant and verbal scholaranium to a great extend and brushed up the verbal portion. I again appeared for the GMAT on 04-Aug-18 and ended up with 550 (Q50, V16).

Whether e-GMAT course was not effective for my preparation?

I started systematic with e-GMAT course as per their recommended schedule. I simply printed their recommended time table and pasted it on the wall. I simply colored the portion i completed. It took me around 4 months to complete the sentence structure and another two month for critical reasoning and reading comprehension. The course material was assisted with the live sessions by their instructors. The recommended official questions numbers were listed which I solved as per the guideline. The sentence correction course is quite dense, CR was moderate and RC was only explained with help of 2-3 examples. Though I brushed up the concept related to GMAT questions through this course and got a quite good understanding about the question types and pattern but I failed to improve my verbal score. In case of quant, though I improved only from Q49 to Q50, I was quite comfortable solving the quant questions in my 3rd attempt.

e-GMAT verbal teach concepts of verbal but it fails to provide the skills to make one fast. Even it makes one quite slow in their approach as there is no time to use the recommended methodological approach. e-GMAT quant approach is also methodological which might make one slow but a person of math background can get one's concept brushed up and can manage to have some improvement in score.

e-GMAT doesn't provide any exclusive instructor as they have various instructors for different topics who conducts live session. Live sessions adds only limited value to the preparation and is not as effective as advertised.

Looking forward for improvement in verbal through further preparations.
Joined: Apr 30, 2017
Purchased Course: Apr 24, 2018
College: SRM University
Major: Computer Engineering
Industry: Computers/Software
Country: India
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Brief review about the old and the new before retaking the test

June 4, 2019
  • Teacher: Payal Tandon
  • Recommended forVerbal: No  Math: No
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: 560 After: 620

I am still currently going on with my preparation for GMAT with my exam scheduled on 17th June, so I'll only write a
short review about the course I have taken for now and the preparation. I will be writing a full detailed debrief on
how to prepare and how I went about it once I am done with the exam.

For the GMAT preparation I had already used Magoosh online course, Powerprep CR Bible and Manhattan Egmat books. I prepared for about a year,
although it wasn't a very regular preparation. I decided to take a mock before booking for the gmat date but could only score 560. After that I decided that I needed some more practice and a more structured approach. After scrolling through Gmat Club reviews I decided to go with Egmat as it seemed to be the favorite choice among the students.

I took the Gmat Online course. I studied for 6 months- not very regularly again owing to office work, and completed the
Quants section completely but in the verbal section I could only complete it till sentence correction.I always read and
understand each thing like a scholar, probably that's why it takes me a little more time to understand each section, each
video and then apply it. This time I had already booked the exam. So, before the day arrived I could not complete the
CR and RC sections from the EGMAT course. Few days before the test, I just revised my old Manhattan and Powerprep CR Bible notes and went on to give the test.

This time around I got a 620 in the test. Qaunts-45 and Verbal- 31, IR-6, AWA-5. I was not really satisfied as I held myself accountable for not getting a convincing result as my target score was 740.I left the test for a few months and went about improving my profile by completing a few certifications.As soon as I completed it, formulated a list of all the things which had led to my failure. I shall be publishing the full list in my detailed debrief. But, the main highlight of the list was- I realised that any failure is the result of a 'lack of consistency and accountability'. Once I fix these things I'll be well on my way to achieve my target score. Also, even if I fail again, it does't matter because I would have improved a great deal from my earlier attempt.

You are not defeated when you fall down, you are defeated when you refuse to get up. With that in mind, I extended my egmat online course to 3 months,
with a target of consistency. I knew it's not about the content but my approach towards it.

So, far I found EGMAT to be the best course out on the internet for the simple fact that it is STRUCTURED.
There is a methodical approach in which you go about your scheme of things. The first section is the most important,
where you are told as to how to go about the course. Every section contains Videos in the form of concept files. After
you watch them and also solve some questions along with the instructor, you are introduced to the Application files.
Here, you are taught via video explanations on how to approach the actual gmat questions. Then you are introduced to the
application files where you solve time based questions. For the tougher questions video explanations are given and for others
the written explanations are really good and solidify the concepts clearly.
The course even has OG questions extracted per topic which can be solved online itself, by just referring the options from the
OG book.

After completing one module, you take an advanced timed test for that module. At each step of this process, you can track your progress
via your scores in each test. If you are not understanding a particular concept, you can refer back to that concept file,
else you can fine tune your ability by going to an excellent tool- SCHOLARANIUM. In scholaranium, you can create your own customised test. You can choose easy, difficult or hard level questions, you can choose the time limit and You can even choose the topics
or subtopics that you would like to include in the set of questions.

After going through the course I can see a lot of improvement in my solving and understanding ability. The ESR report from the last test showed
an ability of 94% on SC which I had studied only from EGMAT. In the rest of CR and RC I got 33% each taking my score to 31.
I still have to write my test on 17th and hope to get to my target score this time around. Ps this is just a rough summary
and after the test I would be writing my complete journey- breaking it down into various phases from 560 to 620 and beyond,
how to go about things, how to ace Gmat for working professionals, the reasons for failures in any project in life,how
to fix things and achieve success and tips on each section of the test.
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Purchased Course: Jul 4, 2018
Country: India
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April 17, 2019
  • Teacher: Rajat and Payal
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: 660 After: 710

I had the most terrible time last couple of months because of a family member's ill health. I had a few weeks of preparation before the exam date and this was my second attempt at taking the exam. I was extremely wary about the whole process but I enrolled myself in the e-GMAT online course. I'll be honest when I first went through the master comprehension course, I didn't believe in the process at all, It seemed too easy to do and that made me think it won't be very effective. I thoroughly enjoyed going through the SC and CR lessons, I took a couple of lessons a day regularly and did a bit of quants every day as well. The RC section always through me back ( In the test I did this section the best) and I tried different shortcuts during my preparation to get to the right answer but ended up failing. Towards the end I followed the e-GMAT process, though long and simple, it ended up being the most effective.

Every concept in the verbal section are explained clearly and there's always the ask expert column to seek out more help. I attended quite a few free webinars of e-GMAT as well before my second attempt. The webinars, the clear explanations on the course made me a little confident in the verbal section. This time around, I did show less focus on quants and that proved in my end score as well.

On the exam date, I strictly stuck to the process taught in the course. I took time reading the RC passages and understanding the meaning of every sentence I read. At the end of the verbal section, I knew I did better than the last time. The relief you fee when you know you did well in a section is difficult to explain. That relief is because of e-GMAT and I am extremely grateful for the help they gave and continue to give me.
Joined: Aug 1, 2013
Purchased Course: Feb 12, 2018
College: JNTU
Major: Engineering
Industry: Computers/Software
Country: United States
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E-Gmat- Best Source for The Success in your GMAT Journey!

April 10, 2019
  • Teacher: PAYAL TANDON
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: 430 After: N/A

When I first started my GMAT prep a few years ago, I din't do much research and joined one of the Branded GMAT coaching centers, which only taught the RULES to follow to get an answer correct. I diligently followed their course work and gave my first GMAT and it turned out to be THE BIGGEST DISASTER.
I took a break for a while and then resumed my preparation on my own with the help of GMAT Club, yet I dint see much improvement in my scores and learnings. I then met a buddy in one of the Gmat club's Study Buddy Groups, many thanks to him. This friend told me about E-GMAT, I attended one of its webinars and immediately enrolled with it.
I love the methodical structure and the logical approach of E-GMAT?s material. The explanation of every question is very detailed and lucid.
Verbal ? The entire course is programmed in such a way that a beginner can start from basics and end up solving the most difficult question that GMAT can throw at us. The beauty of the course lies in the APPLICATION FILES, PRACTICE FILES, OG FILES, and the files? explanations. These files have 650-750 level questions and push us to solve every question applying the 3-step Analysis with more ease and diligence.
The 3-Step analysis for CR, RC and SC amazingly worked for me. This approach forces us to stick to the process and which in turn lets us to answer the question correctly and confidently. On the other hand, SCHOLARAIUM is another major platform, which helps in honing our skills.
I would definitely recommend E-GMAT Course.
Joined: Mar 5, 2012
Purchased Course: Aug 8, 2018
Country: United States
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Ace SC with e-gmat's Verbal online

April 1, 2019
  • Teacher:
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: No
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: N/A

I am in the midst of my GMAT preparation. I started studying for GMAT summer last year. Taking the GMAT for the first time, I had no clue of where to start with my preparations. For the first 2 months I read only the the OG books and some articles online. For some reason I felt pretty confident about the test. After 2.5 months I took my first GMAT and failed miserably. I scored only 620!!! The main reason for such a low score was I left 10 questions at the end. I started to think what exactly went wrong and how could I improve. I realized that the reason I used to get my OG questions correct was because I used to take a lottt of time to solve them. I never realized the importance timing!!!

I took a break off my preparation and 2 months later I started following the online forums trying to search for a course that can help improve my timing. I heard a lot of e-gmat, read the success stories and finally decided to take it up. E-Gmat's Verbal online course truly helped in giving me a structure. Using their 3 step process to solve the SC questions, helped me work on my timing. The 3 step process lays a great emphasis on understanding the meaning of the sentence, which in turn makes the elimination process super fast. Not just SC, but CR and RC as well, the course teaches us to practice a step by step approach to every question.

After 2 months of taking the entire course I took my 2nd official practice test and scored a 710!! I am now very hopeful for my second GMAT that I am taking in a month.
Joined: Mar 28, 2019
Purchased Course: Jan 27, 2019
Country: Canada
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Convenient and Helpful

March 28, 2019
  • Teacher:
  • Recommended forVerbal: No  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: 700 After: N/A

I had a pretty good grasp of quant concepts before joining the course - at least i thought i did. However, what this course taught me was that it's important to go in depth of each concept. So even if you are good at quant, I would still recommend this course.

The best thing about the course, and about e-GMAT in general, is the ease of use. Since *everything* is online, I can pick up where i left off even if I am on a different computer or tablet. Also, I would recommend following the course in the same order it is provided - that way you are always confident that your foundational concepts are strong.

Although I haven't written the test yet, I have seen improvement in my practice tests. I personally believe the improvement came from confidence that I definitely got from the course.
Joined: Mar 26, 2019
Purchased Course: Feb 13, 2018
College: CIT Rajnandgaon
Major: Computer and Information Sciences
Industry: Retailing/Wholesaling
Country: India
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Strategic planning and execution lead to Success In GMAT

March 26, 2019
  • Teacher: Payal
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: 620 After: N/A

Subscribe to EGMAT Verbal course. Their great content is great and the analytics are pretty engaging. Tried and tested by yours truly. You will encounter two options, the Online Prep and the Live Prep. The difference between the two is that the Live Prep has additional three hour webinars on the weekends. No new concept is taught in these webinars, only the application part is strengthened by solving 4-5 questions collectively. Choose whichever option you like.

GMAT Verbal consists of three subsections ? SC (Sentence Correction), CR (Critical Reasoning) and RC (Reading comprehension). I would suggest that you start off with SC (time to complete approx. 4 weeks), after which your brain will probably get fried up and thus for pain relief, go to RC (pretty lame stuff, finishes in about a week) and at last take up CR (approx. 4 weeks). This entire time calculation depends on the assumption that you will be spending a quality 2 hour period each day on study and maybe double of that on the weekends.

On the EGMAT platform, you will encounter Concept files (which teach the theory), application files (IMO the most important since they teach you the application of the concepts learnt earlier via 3-4 questions), and practice files (questions from the EGMAT Scholaranium database). After this, there are topic wise questions to be solved from the Official Guide (OG) and the Verbal Review (OG VR).
In a nutshell here?s the Verbal approach for you - Concept < Application < Practice < OG < OG VR. Do this topic wise in each subsection (e.g. SC / CR / RC) and move ahead. By doing this you will comprehensively finish the topic wise content of the Verbal section.

At the same time, please, for the love of god, maintain an error log. An error log is simply a collection of questions which you attempted incorrectly. All the questions on the EGMAT platform have excellent in-built analytics so there is no need to log those. But the ones which you get wrong on the OG and the OG VR, do put them in. My preferred way is to take a picture or a snapshot and then paste it on a power point presentation. Make a small text box as to what you need to remember or where you faltered. Do this for the Quant section too.

Thus, for the Verbal section, the resources which will give you a comprehensive preparation are ?
? EGMAT ? Theory + Scholaranium
? Official Guide
? Official Guide Verbal Review
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Purchased Course: Sep 26, 2018
College: ICAI
Major: Accounting
Industry: Accounting
Country: India
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A must have for GMAT prep

March 25, 2019
  • Teacher:
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: 530 After: N/A

Best course for GMAT preparation. Key highlights of the course are:
1) very methodical
2) highly supportive team, provides quick resolution to queries
3) adaptive tests taken after each topic
4) Even the minutest of the properties of each topic are discussed
5) provides and edge on difficult topics

I highly recommend this course to all.
Joined: Feb 28, 2019
Purchased Course: Jul 21, 2018
College: IIT Roorkee
Major: Electrical Engineering
Industry: Government
Country: India
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An amazing course for Verbal preparation

February 28, 2019
  • Teacher: Payal Tandon
  • Recommended forVerbal: No  Math: No
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: 710 After: N/A

I gave my GMAT more than a year ago, by self-study and that time I got a 710 score (Q50, V34). In the various mocks also I used to get scores around 710. As I was not satisfied with my performance, I decided to searching various coaching for GMAT preparation. I talked to various friends of mine and almost all of them told me about E-gmat and its very good Verbal course, particularly the Sentence Correction Module. E-gmat offers various courses for GMAT preparation and on the basis of advice from my friends; I took the Verbal Live Prep course of the E-gmat. Within a few months, I realised that advise of my friends were correct. The course has been designed so effectively that it helps us to learn & train for the Verbal part of the GMAT very easily and effectively. I was weak in RC and SC and both of my RC and SC have improved a lot after taking this course. The methodology of tackling RC has helped me to correct my previous strategy of taking RC , because of which I was weak in the RC. I will particularly appreciate the SC module which helped me to learn and improve on my Sentence Correction aspect. In this also E-gmat stepwise approach has helped me improve my accuracy, which was low before. The course has been designed in an interactive way and there are regular feedback given, so that we can effectively target which areas to work harder and improve on them. This regular interactive learning and feedback have particularly helped me to enhance the learning experience. There are so many questions of various types to learn about the concepts. The Scholaranium has so many questions of various difficulty levels to effectively select and target questions as per our choice to test ourselves, learn and improve and enhance our ability. My skills in RC and SC have greatly improved as I am regularly getting GMAT mocks score of about 740 or above, which is a great satisfaction and confidence booster for my actual GMAT exam which I am about to give soon.
In my opinion, I feel it?s one of the best courses on offer for GMAT preparation. Learning with E-gmat interactive platform is really awesome.

I rate this course as the best and advise all aspirants to take the E-gmat verbal course for improvement.

Thank you E-gmat for the learning !
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Purchased Course: Sep 27, 2018
College: University of Granada
Major: Mathematics
Industry: Student
Country: Spain
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Absolutely necessary

February 28, 2019
  • Teacher: All professors
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: N/A

At the beginning, when I was done with my bachelor degree, I was not only absolutely lost with the path I should take, but the requirements that those different paths need me to meet.

I was pretty sure, I wanted to go into a business school, so my odds of becoming an expert in the business area increase.

But, as soon as I started to look for differents destinations, a constant repeated itself along the way: ?GMAT?
By that moment I did not even know what was that, and also I did not know that was absolutely necessary to go into a a great business school.

Well, I saw what was GMAT about and, quite confidently, I did not even think about prepare nothing for the test date. Actually, I was absolutely wrong, since this is not only risky, but also illogical.

Honestly, I was looking for the best company in preparing GMAT all over the world (online). Different rankings agreed on ?E-GMAT?. So I give them a try.

Well, that just blowed my mind away. I started to feel as if a miracle have just happened. What was all that?

E-GMAT offered me not only hours and hours of progressive knowledge of a certain matter (of a certain matter of quant), but thousands of exercises, and an incredible algorithm that measured your time responding.

The platform is absolutely awesome, it has hours and hours of content INCREDIBLY scheduled from top to bottom, from easier to harder and also, with ORIGINAL GMAT TEST questions to practice EACH concept. By the way, the quant part, maybe have more than hundred different concepts.

E-GMAT is a way of becoming an expert on GMAT test.

The quant part, as we all know, is one of the most difficult parts of GMAT test. Well, it is true that the performance depend on our day to day work, but the structure and exercises that E-GMAT uses, can not be better. It takes you by the hand from the beggining go the process (when you do not know 2+2), little by little, until you are absolutely capable of solving complex GMAT questions in less than 2 minutes.

To sum up, GMAT is something that exists, and nowadays is the way to going into a great business school. I can confirm that the best way to prepare yourself to take this test is E-GMAT.
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Purchased Course: Oct 10, 2018
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Amazing GMAT resource for Verbal

February 25, 2019
  • Teacher: Payal Tandon
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: No
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: 680

e-GMAT is one of the most comprehensive resource for GMAT verbal section. For me, the SC and RC sections were most helpful both in terms of increasing my understanding of the subject and increasing my ability tackle GMAT like questions. The OG quizzes really stand out for me, the manner which all the OG questions for a given topic are all clubbed at the same place helped me to identify the different variants in which the concepts are tested in the real GMAT.

For SC
The concepts are easy to digest and once you start trusting the e-GMAT process , it does surely start to reap it's benefits. Although the process initially takes time, It took me about 2.5-3 mins to get through a SC question but with practice i was able to get that time down to 1;30-2 mins without any dip in my accuracy.

For RC
The reading strategies along with pre-thinking concept really helped me to setup a process to tackle any RC passage. As with SC initially my speed was really slow but with time i was able to read a passage with 35-40 lines comprehensively in under 4 mins.

I think the course is best suited for non-native English speaker who are not very clear about fundamental concepts.
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Purchased Course: Jun 26, 2018
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e-GMAT Quant Online

February 4, 2019
  • Teacher:
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: No
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: 550

The e-gmat quant online course covers all gmat math topics and is well structured. Every topic starts with a bite sized lesson that clearly explains the concept and provides a few examples. This is followed by an application quiz and a practice quiz, both of which tests your understanding. Additionally, every topic is also referenced to the questions in the OG and OG QR. I particularly liked this feature as I could gauge the different types of questions that can be asked for that topic. The scholaranium contains additional questions of varying difficulty levels ie. Easy, medium, hard and very hard. Practicing in the scholaranium helps to identify which level of question you make a mistake in. Overall, I found the e-gmat quant course to be very helpful.
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Purchased Course: Jul 25, 2018
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January 23, 2019
  • Teacher:
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: No
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: 640

I subscribed to the E-GMAT Verbal Online Course. I personally loved the structure of Sentence Correction Course of E-GMAT. Post completion of the course, I was able to identify each error in the Sentence and eliminate the answer choices accordingly. I took my GMAT Test post the course completion and scored V35. The ESR showed that I had scored 96 percentile in Sentence Correction. I am currently focusing on improving my CR and RC skills. I am relying on Scholaranium Questions since they provide good quality and diversity in terms of question patterns, I hope to raise by Verbal score by few more points in my next attempt.
Joined: Aug 17, 2016
Purchased Course: Jul 24, 2018
Country: India
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Best course available for Verbal

January 21, 2019
  • Teacher: Archit
  • Recommended forVerbal: No  Math: No
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: N/A

After wasting 3 months reading CAT books, I gave my first mock and scored 580. I knew something is wrong. After hearing rave reviews for EGMAT verbal, I enrolled for Verbal online course as it gives me flexibility to complete course in my own pace (Just to note I am working professional having work hours more than 70 hours in a week)

At the start, I took just 2 hours to get accustomed to the style of EGMAT course. I must say company has invested and prepared a lot to simplify learning for the students. High visuals and break points helped a lot.


SC: Clear explanation of SC concepts with post-assessment quiz. Pre, post, and OG quizzes make it sure that you learn the concept by heart.
Detailed explanations of all the questions. Individual questions were also answered promptly. EGMAT faculties were very prompt to answer any queries.

- CR: Critical Reasoning concept files were really awesome and corrected my thought process. Pre thinking concept made life easy for me.

- CR & SC- Appropriate summaries created for each concept file.

-RC- Focus on comprehension and speed. I always faltered in RC. With detailed analysis in Scholranium I got to know there is an issue with comprehension. This analysis helped me to focus on areas where I am lacking.

- Scholranium- The best tool to improve your score. After solving questions from it, I gave GMAT prep and scored. 760, 730 and 730.

I gave my first exam and scored 680 mainly because of I had fever on the day of exam.

Anyway, My final exam date is coming near. Hope to get a result closer to mocks.

Joined: Jan 17, 2019
Purchased Course: Jan 14, 2018
College: Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College Ludhiana
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Industry: Computers/Software
Country: India
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EGMAT Prep Experience

January 17, 2019
  • Teacher: Payal and Rajat
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: No
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: 630 After: N/A

I joined the e-gmat course after my first attempt in GMAT. I prepared for GMAT with E-GMAT verbal online course.This course has provided me immense help and has been a great mentor in clearing my concepts. Their RC part is well structured and defined.The SC section is amazingly designed, structured , and detailed that one will surely improve his/her accuracy and timing if follows the 3 step eGMAT process diligently. Focus on pre-thinking in CR questions is also another amazing aspect of the course. The tests given here give a good and a "close to the real" GMAT exam. Overall experience has been excellent and I would recommend this to anyone who wants to excel in their GMAT exam.
Joined: Jan 7, 2019
Purchased Course: Feb 5, 2019
College: Shiv Nadar University
Major: Computer and Information Sciences
Industry: Computer-related Services
Country: India
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Ideal Course : E-gmat

January 7, 2019
  • Teacher: Archit
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: N/A

When I started preparing for GMAT, Verbal was my biggest problem area and it was extremely difficult for me to understand why certain options were incorrect and one was correct. I could never never understand any logic behind it. E-gmat verbal course is so beautifully structured that it helps you understand the concept deeply .The architecture of the course is amazing and Scholaranium helps structure the fine tuning to improve accuracy. I am very happy with my decision to invest in e-gmat verbal , trust me this is a big time investment in your gmat exam.
Joined: Jan 2, 2019
Purchased Course: Jul 2, 2018
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"close to the real"

January 2, 2019
  • Teacher: SONAL
  • Recommended forVerbal: Yes  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: N/A

This application has provided me immense help and has been a great friend in clearing my concepts and making it more cogent.
It has expedited the learning and has provided a huge variety of questions to practice.
I want to get prepared for my D-Day of GMAT the best way and this application has been just the best.
It has improved my verbal and reasoning skill by a continuous practile and a quick solution to my queries. The tests given here give a good and a "close to the real" GMAT exam. Overall experience has been excellent and i would recommend this to anyone who wants to excel in their GMAT exam.
Joined: Dec 28, 2018
Purchased Course: Feb 13, 2018
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Worth the money

December 28, 2018
  • Teacher:
  • Recommended forVerbal: No  Math: Yes
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: N/A

My quants score was average in the mock tests and I badly wanted to improve them, so i started searching for a good online course that would help me out with my preparation. I heard a lot of positive feedbacks about e-gmat, and I bought them. Its been 3 months and I have improved a lot with the help of e- gmat quant module. I feel genuinely thankful to the creators of this course for a lot of reasons. I was really weak in word problems and inequalities, but after finishing the respective modules i was capable of mastering it with the help of all the techniques they teach in the module! For example: the wavy line method in inequalities was just amazing!
I also hated probability, permutations and combinations, because of its complexity. learning it the e gmat way was really interesting as they teach you everything right from the basics with beautiful visual representations.
Scholoranium is the best part in this course as it gives you insights about your weak areas in individual topics. the questions are a bit harder compared to the official questions but very much within the gmat structure, thus it helps you to train harder for the official exam.
If you want to learn the foundation concepts and thereby improve your score then i would highly recommend you e-gmat quant course
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Meaning based approach is definitely helpful.

December 27, 2018
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I had already given my GMAT once already. However, I knew that there is still a lot to improve and especially I could improve my verbal score a lot. So I again started going through the verbal scholaranium and I resolved the solved questions again.
This time I changed my approach towards each question and focused on every aspect of a choice. I started pointing out a lot of problems with every choice. Next step was to give a lot of tests, which I had missed doing in my first attempt. I gave one sectional test every alternate day and full test every 4th day. Things took time to improve. Initially I was not improving and my approach was same as the last one. So Finally with practice and time, I started improving. My scores started increasing and I reached the verbal score of 38 in mocks.
None of this could have been possible without the brilliantly designed course - e-gmat Verbal Online Prep. I would recommend this course to every non-native speaker. You can not get a better service at this price.
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