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Joined: Jul 16, 2020
Purchased Course: Aug 21, 2019
College: Indiana University
Major: Finance
Industry: Private Equity
Country: United States
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Highly Recommend Katie M.

July 16, 2020
  • Teacher: Katie McQuarrie
  • Recommended forVerbal: No  Math: No
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: N/A

I was referred to Vantage Point by a colleague who had previously worked with another consultant. I was initially going to work with that consultant I was introduced to, but she was fully booked, so I was paired with Katie. On our initial call, I could tell she was very skilled at working with people like myself - someone who is set on business school but doesn't have a clear idea of how to portray them self through the application process. Katie was very patient, but also very persistent with me as she helped me craft my story. Just when I was satisfied with the progress we had made, she wanted to take it another layer deeper and make sure it was flawless and could withstand the scrutiny of an admissions panel.  Katie was exactly the sort of person I needed to coach me through the process. I work in a fairly demanding industry with little personal time. Without Katie, I would have procrastinated and let things slip until the last minute. She was assertive, and in a good way. She held me to deadlines and a timeline that allowed us to put a quality product together without rushing. I was amazed and comforted by the amount of time and interest Katie took in crafting my story and getting to know what drives me. Not only did it help me put together the best application I possibly could have, but it also made me look within and think about those personal traits that make me the person I am.  Katie also truly went above and beyond what I expected I would receive out of the comprehensive package. After the applications were submitted, she thought critically about how I could maintain a competitive advantage at the schools I was applying to and how to keep my name top of mind with their admissions teams. She gave personalized advice and was a great sounding board when interviews came around. Buying a comprehensive package should be a personalized, customized service with someone who is very attentive to your process. My experience with Katie was everything and more. I highly recommend her to anyone that is considering a comprehensive service. Very well worth it.

Joined: Apr 21, 2020
College: Ivey Business School
Major: Business
Industry: High Technology/Electronics
Country: Canada
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Amazing experience with Meredith and the Vantage Point team!

April 21, 2020
  • Teacher: Meredith
  • Recommended forVerbal: No  Math: No
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: N/A

Admitted to Wharton (with a significant scholarship) and INSEAD, and currently waitlisted at Stanford GSB! I'm ecstatic and could not have achieved this without Meredith.  After speaking with multiple MBA admissions consultants, I was blown away by my initial conversation with Meredith. She truly understood who I was, and was invaluable in drawing out my personal story. For me, this was her differentiating factor - and in turn was key in helping me differentiate myself as an MBA applicant.  Throughout the process, Meredith fully invested herself in me, and it was clear she cared deeply about both my success and personal growth. As a strong personal advocate, she excelled in helping me to craft and articulate my unique strengths, personal story, and candidacy as an MBA student. Meredith helped me mould the most compelling and personal application that I could have put forth.  Throughout every step of the application process (from applications to interviews, through to acceptances and even waitlist), I felt completely supported by Meredith and her team. Through leveraging the diverse experiences of everyone at her Vantage Point team, I received a one-of-a-kind support for each individual program to which I applied.  Meredith is an amazing consultant who is incredibly responsive, positive, and effective. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking to apply to top MBA programs. Thank you Meredith!!

Awesome Experience

January 16, 2020
  • Teacher: Katie Thomas
  • Recommended forVerbal: No  Math: No
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Working with Katie and Vantage Point proved to be a great decision for me. Essay editing and the organization of all my application submissions were extremely valuable, but the most essential aspect of our relationship was Katie's ability to understand my story/ career goals and aid in clearly articulating them throughout my application. Katie was also helpful during school selection, identifying both target and reach programs based on my profile as well as my future career aspirations.

Overall, I would strongly recommend Katie and Vantage Point to help understand your unique personal brand and to connect your narrative with your post-MBA plans. Be prepared to put in the effort as she will do everything to get you admits to your dream school, but can't do all the work for you!