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Unlike with many other firms, you will have one consultant throughout your entire MBA application process. There are no interns in a back office editing your essays and you will not be handed off to someone junior who happens to have availability. Having an expert who knows you, your needs and your strengths and weaknesses ensures not only the greatest success but a comfortable working environment throughout the application process.

Joined: Oct 17, 2017
Purchased Course: Jan 1, 2017
College: USC
Major: Business
Industry: Venture Capital
Country: United States
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Personal MBA Coach - well worth it

October 17, 2017
  • Teacher: Scott Edinburg
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I highly suggest you schedule a short consultation with Scott before pulling the trigger with any MBA consultant. Before deciding on Scott, I spoke with a couple bigger names, and what helped make my decision was Scott's honesty, passion, and direct relationship with the applicant. Unlike some bigger names, Scott worked with me on almost every part of the process, from brainstorming schools to thinking of essay stories to even writing the blurbs in the application. He has a true interest in seeing his "students" succeed. Granted I started the process very early, so I had a lot of attention and was able to turn many drafts of my materials -- Scott helped transform my essays from very surface level writings to much deeper stories that resonate with any reader. All in all, I was admitted to my top M7 choice. It was a pleasure working with him -- I definitely recommend at least speaking with him.
Joined: Aug 27, 2017
Purchased Course: Nov 19, 2016
College: Oxford
Major: Bio(medical) Engineering
Industry: Telecommunications
Country: United Kingdom
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Conscientious and very frank consultant who does this for a living not a side job

August 27, 2017
  • Teacher: Scott Edinburgh
  • Recommended forVerbal: No  Math: No
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Scott did a great job and I could not have asked for better. Considered the big MBA consulting shops but chose Scott because it's his full time job to do this and he's been doing it for almost a decade now and I simply felt more comfortable with him.

He is very honest in his feedback and solutions focused but I valued that highly because others sugar coated feedback or suggested I not apply to certain schools. Scott was always available for helpful advice through the application process, interview process and even McKinsey Emerging Scholars applications after. He is responsive usually within 24 hours which is important considering I decided to apply for round 2 in mid November.

In the end, I got into Wharton and had six figure scholarship to go to another M7. If he hadn't advised me to do this or not that I wouldn't have gotten in. Word of advice for those going into this but consultants seem like a lot of money but you get what you put into it.

Scott had to encourage me to work harder on my essays and I'm glad he did because if I hadn't put in the effort in some of these early rounds the material would not have come off as authentic. Also check reference clients for people who have used the consulting service. Scott will put you in touch with his and even has drinks
Joined: Nov 30, 2016
Purchased Course: Dec 14, 2016
Major: Engineering
Industry: Private Equity
Country: United States
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Great MBA Admissions Consultant - A+++

August 8, 2017
  • Teacher: Scott Edinburgh
  • Recommended forVerbal: No  Math: No
  • GMAT ScoresBefore: N/A After: N/A

After speaking with numerous consulting services about my background and specific plans to pursue a top-tier MBA, I hired Scott from Personal MBA Coach. I had a short timeline to submit four applications and knew very little about the application process. From the beginning, Scott appeared (and was) genuinely interested in my situation and made a point to gather every detail. By the end of our time working together, I felt Scott knew everything about me.

As stated in some of the other reviews, Scott is clear and to the point. I didn?t need someone to boost my ego and praise my accomplishments. I needed someone who could comprehend my background, goals, etc. and guide me in telling an effective story. That was exactly what Scott did throughout the process!

Scott continually pushed me to think about how I (my essays) would look to the admission committees. This was very helpful in writing essays that effectively displayed my strengths and specific motivations to attend the different schools. After submitting all of my applications, I was depleted, but I felt that I had submitted my best possible essays and left nothing on the table.

Scott also coached me through the interview processes and performed mock interviews over the phone. This guidance was very helpful and gave me the confidence I needed to ace the interviews.

In the end, I was admitted to one of my top three schools (M7). I dedicated myself to those applications and feel worthy of admission, but credit much of my success to Scott. Without his knowledge of the process and ability to push me for more details and polished stories that were directly applicable to each school, there is no way that I could have crafted my story in such an effective way. Thank you, Scott!
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